Penn State THON

10,686,924.83 reasons to smile.

10,686,924.83 reasons to say “We Are.”

10,686,924.82 dollars raised.

THON 2012 has defied the odds, yet again. After the year the Penn State community has gone through, everyone was relying on the last three days to lift spirits and show the world what Penn Staters were truly made of.  Did we ever show them in a better way?

This weekend, we all came together as the largest family on earth. We witnessed the strength of over 700 dancers as they stood to fight pediatric cancer. We felt the honesty of the Four Diamonds Families as they shared their heart wrenching stories with the entire BJC. We appreciated the wisdom of the 15 overalls, nearly 300 captains, and thousands of committee members to keep THON weekend running. And most importantly, we saw the courage of children as they showed us all why we THON.

Remember those 46 hours, always. Remember how thousands, upon thousands of Penn Staters, came together in a time of adversity to accomplish the impossible. Remember the kids, the families, and all of their stories. Remember the four diamonds in your own personal times of struggle. But most importantly, remember that you showed the world what Penn State was truly made of.


Photo by Kaitlyn Knopp

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