Top 10 Romantic TV Moments of the Year

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In light of it being Valentine’s day, Valley chose the top ten of 2016’s most romantic television moments.

10. Eleven and Mike’s First Kiss- Stranger Things

This middle school romance lit up our laptop screens through the hit Netflix original series. The two started out being loyal  friends, but viewers could quickly see Mike was falling for the misunderstood girl from the moment he stole her Eggo waffles from his kitchen. However, it was when the two first kissed that their chemistry became crazy— and incredibly sweet.

9. “I wanted to be the man that made you happy”- This is Us

Jack tells Rebecca he didn’t know what exactly he wanted to be in life until he met her. Only then did he figure out everything would be OK if he could make her happy. These two complete each other in the best of ways.

8. Stefan’s Proposal to Caroline- The Vampire Diaries

A pairing long awaited by most die hard fans of TVD, Stefan finally made it official by proposing to Car and promising her a June wedding— that was of course until he was roped into working for the devil himself and turned off his humanity in typical Salvatore fashion. We have faith their love will last in the end, though.

7.  Stiles and Lydia’s Second Kiss- Teen Wolf

Probably the most coveted couple in all of the Teen Wolf universe, Stiles and Lydia finally got together when the crew rescued him from their last supernatural opponent — a gang of villains that wiped Stiles from everyone’s memory. When he returned, there was not a second wasted until Lydia admitted she loved him and the two kissed.

6.  Lexa Swears Her Loyalty to Clarke- The 100

These two leaders from different worlds (literally) spent about a season and a half going back and forth with betrayal and friendship.The two leading ladies became quite the team again after Lexa swore her loyalty to Clarke, promising she would never hurt her again.

5. Michael Brings Puerto Rico to Jane- Jane the Virgin

After spending weeks planning an exotic Puerto Rican honeymoon, Michael cancels the trip when Jane becomes worried about her baby son, Mateo’s, aggressive behavior. Sad that they cannot go, Michael brings the trip to Jane by decorating her entire room as a beach theme. And that’s pretty aw-worthy to us.

4. Luke’s Rant to Lorelei- Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

We were so lucky to see these two in Stars Hollow again after nine years. In the final episode, Luke committed his entire life to Lorelei by saying he would absolutely never leave her and that he needed her more than anything else in the world. Basically he had us swooning for days.

3. Ian Leaves Chicago for Mickey- Shameless

After the middle Gallagher tried to deny his feelings for Mickey once again, it became clear he could never quite get over him, and the two took off for Mexico together. Mickey broke out of jail (about 15 years early) to be with Ian, and Ian left his entire life behind for Mickey — that’s true love.

2. “We should kiss the girls we want to kiss”- Supergirl

Although quite new to the small screen, Alex and Maggie have taken over the hearts of many. After a near death experience (and a quick stop at a pizza shop), Maggie knocks unexpectedly on Alex’s apartment door before finally admitting her feelings and eventually kissing her. A courageous move, but one that definitely paid off

1. Meredith Imagines Derek- Grey’s Anatomy

If any couple’s love story can break the bounds of death, it’s MerDer. Meredith desperately wants to give up after a long surgery until she envisions Derek, who reminds her to keep going with her life with his trademark smirk and ferry boat scrub cap. Along with the iconic MerDer music, it is completely heart wrenching and utterly romantic all at the same time.

Maybe your significant other can take a note or two from these couples? Then, it should be your best Valentines Day yet.