To Brush or To Blend?

Photo by Lisa | @basicallylisa

When it comes to makeup application, the way we apply is equally as important as the products we use. Depending on personal preference, there are multiple ways to do this: brushes, sponges and the old fashioned way–our fingers.

Valley stepped in to compare two newcomers–Artis (oval) brushes and the cult-favorite beautyblender sponges–to check out what exactly the benefits of the two applications are.


Photo by Madame Careless | @evelizard

“The Artis brushes have a range of sizes that can be used for all liquid and dry products and are so soft,” says Yasmin Dunkan, Sephora Talent Specialist. “The handle allows for more control and even distribution of the product, which is perfect for foundation because some people are heavy-handed and may apply more product to one side of the face without knowing it.”


Photo by @sude8_1

Beautyblender sponges come in various sizes, as well. The newest member of the beautyblender family is the mini beautyblender, specifically designed for applying concealer in the hard-to-reach areas of your face, such as the inner-corner of your eyes and around the bottom of your nose.

Even more of a bonus: the beautyblender is convenient for travel since you can use one for all your face makeup without having to carry four different brushes around.

“The beautyblender is my go-to applicator for when I’m on a plane or traveling,” says Dunkan. “It is so small to carry around for quick touchups throughout the day.”

The Artis brush set costs about $165 on, while each one separately is about $40. Meanwhile, on a less expensive note, beautyblender sponges cost $20 at Sephora.

Some may be hesitant to drop that much money on a makeup tool (cough, cough Artis brushes), but Duncan says that they are worth it despite the price. 

“Think of it as a Christmas gift or birthday gift that you will use for a really long time,” she says.

Picking between the two can be a touch decision, but it all comes down to which one you feel comfortable using. Both products have amazing benefits, so whichever one you choose, your makeup will look flawless.