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Halloweekend in Spooky Valley is creeping up faster than ever, meaning that everyone is rushing to the stores to find their last minute costumes and deciding which parties to attend. If you’re one of the brave souls hosting a party and searching for ideas to make it the most fang-tastic, look no further because VALLEY has compiled a complete list of everything you need to make sure you’re the ghostess with the mostest this season.


Transforming your house or apartment into a scene straight out of the most frightening horror movies has become easier than ever with stores such as Target, Walmart and Party City selling cheap decorations and supplies. Start with the basics and buy bright yellow crime scene tape, spiderwebs and bottles of fake blood to splatter and tape up around the perimeters of all your windows, doors and mirrors.

You can then get creative and take old clothing and stuff it with plastic bags or trash bags and arrange your new fake victim in a certain area that makes it look as if they got killed in that area by splattering fake blood and making some handprints around the body. An alternative to a bloody victim is stuffing a large white plastic trash bag with newspaper and other materials and rearranging it to look like a body bag with a victim inside it (pro tip: use a milk jug to form the victims head). 

Want to take it up a notch? Look through the wide assortment of window and door cling images such as a creepy bloody clown looking out into the darkness or zombies ready to break down the door and attack to tape up in order to freak guests out not only when they’re inside but also anyone walking by.

Enhance the experience further by placing a fog machine and set of strobe lights by your front entrance while also playing horror theme songs over your speakers in order to prepare your guests for what the night is about to entail. Looking for the perfect spooky tunes? Check out this playlist and many others on Spotify depending on what theme you’re going for.

If you want to make it the spookiest party it could possibly be, one last pro-horror tip is to invest in one of the many life-like animatronics sold by Spirit Halloween to make your guests scream and maybe even pee their pants as a clown lunges at them with a fake knife as they walk by.

Got Boos?

Everyone knows that apple cider is a staple of Halloween season meaning that mixing up a batch of hard apple cider following this famous recipe is the way to everyones Halloween hearts, especially if you make it hot for a cold night. Add flare to the drinks by using skull shaped shot glasses, skull ice cubes or syringes as well.

If you have an open punch bowl full of your chosen drink, you can also add some bloody hands to the mixture by freezing plastic gloves full of water and red food dye and then placing them in once frozen.

Check out how to serve delicious servings of witches brew, blacklight lemonade, pumpkin margaritas and spooky sangria at your party as well by looking through this Halloween Drink Guide.

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