THON 2019 Pep Rally; Battle of the Teams

From flying roses to money guns, the THON 2019 Pep Rally was anything but dull this year … not to say that it’s dull any year. VALLEY can attest to Elton John when saying Saturday night is more than alright!!

To kick off the event, DJ Shevy and DJ Dosk brought the heat with the first annual THON DJ battle. Songs like “Every Time We Touch,” “Classic” and “Stronger” rang through the air and got the BJC rocking. DJ Shevy took the gold in the battle, leaving DJ Dosk in a not too far off second place.

Following the DJ battle, the infamous Nittany Lion continued the energy with a “Let’s Go PSU” chant, however this time with a THON twist. “Let’s Go F-T-K” sent vibrations into the air and suddenly the crowd was fully prepared for what was about to hit them. Mike Gesicki and his THON buddy, Landon, shared the moment of launching Pep Rally into full swing.

Football, women’s hockey, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s swimming, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s rugby, men’s and women’s fencing, women’s field hockey, men’s and women’s gymnastics, and women’s volleyball all gave it their best effort when fighting for the Pep Rally champion title.

Men’s golf shook their tail feathers to Akon’s “I’m So Paid” while women’s hockey jumped some rope but did not quite double-dutch. Men’s swimming attempted to serenade the audience by tossing roses into the crowd.

While all teams put their blood, sweat and tears into their performances, the competition could not be out beat. Battling head to head in the championship round was football and men’s gymnastics. It’s no surprise that men’s gymnastics cleared the boards and sealed their three-peat win with their stellar pop culture production of Footloose.  The reigning champs have held their title for the longest in THON Pep Rally history.

If only we had some of that confetti from the women’s volleyball performance to celebrate. With that VALLEY congratulates men’s gymnastics on their historic win! Never stop dancing, For the Kids.


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