Think Ahead in Your Beauty Routine

Williams.ThinkingAheadinBeauty2As college students, our main skin concerns are probably acne, how to avoid foundation face, and finding a way to fake that glow all year round. But how many people ages 19, 20 or 21 put on an SPF of at least 30 every day, rain or shine? What about applying an anti-aging cream every day and night? Have you ever thought about applying an eye cream?

Probably not. But dermatologists state that if people want to have minimal sun damage and wrinkle issues, they need to begin their anti-aging regimen in their early 20’s—around 21 actually. Crazy right? And the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on anti-aging treatments is intimidating too—looking young isn’t cheap.

In reality, forming an anti-aging routine when you’re young and in college is easy. Start by finding a cream that has at least SPF 30 in it for day wear. Olay and Sephora brands have creams that are intended for sun protection, and often include both sunscreen and other anti-aging ingredients to help aid in repairing the damage that you already have but can’t see yet. It takes 20 years for sun damage to show itself in the form of hyper pigmentation on your skin.

Then select an eye cream that is geared towards anti-aging. Olay’s Total Effects Anti-Aging Eye Treatment (17.99), or Ole Hendrickson’s Total Truth Vitamin C Eye Crème SPF 15 ($45) will do the job of moisturizing and preventing signs of aging—plus, putting your eye cream in the fridge will depuff under-eye bags. Also, always wear sunglasses when you’re outside. This will slow the formation of wrinkles around the eyes.

Finally, if you’re looking to splurge on your skin and really give it a good clean exfoliation at home, purchase a face brush like Clarisonic’s face brush, or Olay’s Pro-X Facial Brush. While Clarisonic’s cost upwards or $100, Olay’s brush can be purchased for $21. These brushes remove make up much better than soap alone, and skin immediately looks healthier, with a natural glow and minimized pores. Over the course of time, this exfoliation will help to prevent wrinkles and breakouts. Definitely worth the splurge for your skin today and ten years down the road.

Photo by Shantelle Williams

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