The White Building Welcomes New Classes

KylinChen.NewGymClassesAdding variety to your workout is always beneficial, especially at the beginning of a new semester. At the White Building on campus, Penn State Fitness aims to add new classes into their schedule, basing variations on desired workouts and requests.

Perhaps most exciting, with anticipation building around upcoming THON weekend, PSU’s newest fitness class, THON Prep, is designed to help prepare volunteers’ bodies for the 46 hour stand against pediatric cancer.

Jill Garrigan, Fitness Coordinator, explains that THON Prep is designed to instill fitness strategies and knowledge for dancers, Moralers, committee members and volunteers. The fitness class builds an informational foundation for reference when feeling the full effects of THON weekend.

“THON Prep is geared towards specifically stretching and strengthening the muscles that will be needed for THON weekend,” Garrigan says. Although only 30 minutes, the class is packed with an intense workout. Beginning with high intensity cardio, including jumping squats and mountain climbers, ab exercises are performed for the remainder.

Rules and Regulations Captain Alli Schwer spoke highly of THON Prep. “The cardio exercises worked all of our leg muscles and the instructor explained to us that working on abs would take pressure off of your feet.”

Emily, a fitness instructor, understands the strenuous effects of 46 hours. She knows that THON Prep is a proactive opportunity for the physical challenges dancers will face. She described the overall reaction of the class to be very energetic, an expected response from the personality of THON volunteers. “I’ve never seen that many smiles doing lunges and squats. Everyone was so grateful.”

THON Prep is not the only introduction, however. Tabata Training, 20/20 Fitness and Vinyasa Flow Fitness Yoga are also new to the schedule.

Tabata Training gives a new look to previously offered workouts. Penn state Fitness recommends this class for both males and females seeking high intensity interval training, simultaneously engaging the brain.

An old favorite that’s shown a new spark of interest is 20/20 Fitness― a difficult, yet rewarding workout. Including 20 minutes of intense cardio, followed by 20 minutes of yoga, the transition is a challenge. Garrigan recommends this class for someone who is crunched for time, but seeking a workout with variety.

Vinyasa Flow Fitness Yoga is a new variation of yoga. Unlike others, this class takes advantage of a flowing sensation, rather than common yoga poses.

As PSU students looking to stay fit and healthy this semester, it’s always nice to know that Penn State Fitness personalizes their schedule for the interests of its members.

Photo by Kylin Chen


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