The Unexpected Story of Pamela Anderson

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Thanks to Netflix, Pamela Anderson’s trajectory of life is now accessible to the world. VALLEY recommends you give it a watch because it shifts your perspective on who the real Pamela Anderson is.

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Who is Pamela Anderson?

Anderson is a 55 year-old Canadian American Actress known for being a model, actress and media personality. However, she is most known for her work with PlayBoy Magazine and her role as “Casey Jean Parker” on the “Baywatch” TV show.

Let’s Go Back to the 20th Century

Anderson decided to make a living of her own in the late 1980s. In October of 1989, she made her first cover of Playboy magazine. Success started heading her way after that first cover and Anderson was getting noticed everywhere due to her sexy entertainment persona.

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Soon Anderson made it to the big leagues she became the face of “Baywatch,” the show of the moment but was always portrayed as a sex symbol. 

Her Relationships
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Anderson’s personal relationships were always in the media, especially her marriage with Tommy Lee. Their sex tape was stolen and was being sold all around the internet. This incident allowed the media to view Anderson as a sex symbol and nothing else, rather than view her as the intelligent woman she actually is. 

Her Struggles

Anderson and Lee lost a child due to Anderson’s stress overload. She was working for “Baywatch” full time and for Playboy as well she was exhausted. People knew and the media was always on their toes. There were paparazzi everywhere. Lee didn’t handle it the proper way and got into trouble with the authorities.

Lee’s Behavior Starts to Go Downhill

With the stress of the sex tape, trying to protect themselves from violence and the news about the miscarriage, Lee became paranoid. In 1998, Tommy Lee was sentenced to six months in county jail for battering Pam who was holding their six month old son.

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Ending Things with Lee

” When you are hurt you have two options: to close off and become bitter or to love and persevere. Love is the greatest healer. I choose love.”

Pamela Anderson
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This didn’t stop her from believing in love, though. After Lee, she had multiple marriages and partners. However, in the documentary she state that she had never loved someone as much as she loved Lee she was in love with his soul. 

Her Philanthropy

“I want more, I need more, I want to be proud of my accomplishments.”

Pamela Anderson

Anderson decided to use her character for a worthwhile cause. Animals were, and still are, very meaningful to her. She trusted them more than people and comforted herself with her dogs during the hard times.

Every time she got an interview she knew she would be asked uncomfortable questions about her sexuality. Fortunately, she managed to deflect those comments and focus on relevant things that matter, animal cruelty and climate change. 

As for the Hats of the Soldiers
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Anderson wanted the hats of the Buckingham soldiers made out of fake fur instead of using real fur. For this, she did a book signing event for her book “Love, Pamela.” For every book she signed, she asked the owners of the book to sign a PETA document that supports her idea of switching the material for the soldiers hats, from real fur to fake fur. Then, these documents would be sent out Buckingham Palace as a proposal her proposal was approved, the soldiers now wear fake fur hats.

Putin and Anderson’s Agreement

Anderson reached out to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and asked him to stop the importation of seal products, because this was 95% of the market, and that could potentially shut down the Canadian seal hunt. Her biggest goal was to put a stop to this, and Putin succeeded in making it illegal to import seal products into the country.  

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Pamela Anderson is on the search for the truth about governments and wants to put a stop to their actions which affect our planet.  

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