The Ultimate Roommate Bad Day Preparedness Kit

BadDayRoommateKit_RachelJohannesRoommates do not get enough credit. They put up with your weird eating habits, make sure the DVR records the newest episode of American Horror Story, and come to your aid when you lock yourself out on a Friday night. Well, it’s time to return the favor.

Valley has come up with your ultimate roommate bad day preparedness kit, for those times when your roommate is the one who needs the pick-me-up. With this kit, you and your roommate can get through anything–guaranteed.


Everyone loves to stay in bed all day and binge on some Netflix. If you don’t, chances are you aren’t human. That being said, your roommate is probably no exception. You’ll win mad points for having Gilmore Girls loaded up and ready to go. Sit back and relax and hang with Rory and Lorelai for a few hours, and all will be well.


OrderUp was created for a reason–utilize it. You have your roommate’s order memorized anyway, why not surprise them with their favorite D.P. Dough calzone? The sentiment alone will fill the void of a bad day, but the calories don’t hurt either. For maximum effectiveness, toss in some Insomnia. A half-dozen double chocolate chunk cookies can cure anything.


A good glass of sangria can save the world. If you’re of age, stock up on your roommate’s favorite for a little chance to unwind.

“Wine is definitely essential. Whenever my roommate has a bad day, all it takes is one glass of wine and a long chat. It usually turns her day around pretty quickly,” says senior advertising major Makiala Yates.

Cheers to that!

Sweet Nothings

A little compliment goes a long way, and sometimes your roommate just needs a pick-me-up. However cheesy it may be, the smallest sweet-nothing can make all the difference.

“My roommates have sticky notes all around our house, hidden in the most random spots–like on the mirrors in the bathroom. They say things like ‘That girl in the mirror is amazing’ and ‘Smile, you’re beautiful.’ I remember the first time I took notice, and I really did find myself smiling to myself,” says junior broadcast journalism major Victoria Gallelli.

Treat your roommate to a little TLC, and you’re bound to turn their day around. Trust us, your roommate will thank you.

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