The Smart Way To Step Out in Style

Comfortable shoes for nights out1As girls, we allow ourselves to silently suffer from the torture of a night out in our favorite heels. Shoes are our best friends and worst enemies. At Valley, we believe the price of beauty doesn’t have to be pain. There are so many ways to feel at ease but still look stylish and stay trendy this winter.

First, we took it upon ourselves to find out what you can look for in a pair of heels to make them hopefully not so torturous.

“Choosing a shoe with a platform allows the arch of your foot to stay at less of a strenuous angle, while still adding that height girls love,” says Megan Pyle, store manager of Barefoot.

It isn’t at all difficult to find platform pumps with a strap around the ankle or across the top of your foot to make walking to and from your many social events infinitely easier. While cork wedges go out of season once the leaves start to change, platform wedges are tasteful year round! Naturally, the more support a shoe offers for your foot, the less they’ll hurt.

However, Pyle tells us that the most important factor in the comfort level of heels is the brand.

“I find that Chinese Laundry is most comfortable for me, but most girls seem feel the most comfort in Steve Madden,” Pyle Says.

Pyle advises women to try many different brands, and when you find one you love, stick with it. Chances are, if one pair fits you well, the rest of the brand will also. Wearing heels that don’t leave you teetering will make you walk better – and inevitably look better!

If you’re someone that would rather strut stylishly without the added height – you are not alone. Luckily, there are many chic options to choose from.

Combat boots are hot commodity this season. Find a pair of studded, black leather ones to add some edginess to your look. Pair them with skinny jeans and your style will be the object of everyone’s envy.

Ballet flats are a timeless way to look elegant and tasteful. Slip on a bright colored pair to add a splash of color to any weekend ensemble. The most important thing to consider while looking for shoes is not height, Pyle says.

“The more comfort and stability you get from a shoe, the better you’ll walk and the better you’ll look – it’s a fact.”

Photo by Siru Wen


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