How To: Harmless Highlights

AudreyCillo.HairHightlightingWith spring break behind us, summer feels closer than ever and we’re all looking for ways to get the beachy glow that comes along with the warmer months.

Highlighting your hair at a salon will hurt your wallet and it can leave your hair weak and damaged. Trying to give yourself highlights using a store bought dye almost always results in an orange-stained disaster. We’ve researched the best way to add some sun streaks to your hair naturally in preparation for summer!


We realize this is the first the thing that pops into anyones head, but it actually does hold some water. For girls with lighter brown or dirty blonde hair, using lemon juice in your hair can actually make it considerably lighter. The best way to achieve shimmery natural highlights is to squeeze a few lemons and drench your hair completely in the juice. If you have time to kill, position yourself outside in a place where the sun can activate the acidic properties in the lemon juice. If you’re as busy as the rest of us, apply a small amount to your hair and go about the day. Repeat the process for about a week and you’ll see some glimmering natural highlights.


The best part about this method is that it’s super simple. Just add some ground cinnamon (you can buy it at McLanahan’s) to your conditioner and use it as you normally would. The results won’t be as drastic as the lemon juice method but the simplicity just can’t be beat. If you have a sensitive scalp, the cinnamon might irritate it but the problem should go away after a few short minutes.


This method is probably the most gentle on your hair as well as your scalp. To bring out some natural highlights. Allow the chamomile tea to steep for about 30 minutes (the stronger, the better). After the tea is brewed and has cooled down, use it in the shower as a replacement for your usual shampoo routine. This method is a gradual process so don’t become frustrated if at first you don’t notice the results you had hoped for. Alternate using shampoo and chamomile tea in the shower for about a week and you should notice a glimmering difference.


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