THE CARTERS: How We Got “Everything is Love”

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From confessional albums about their marriage and successes to a joint collaboration dropped on the world, it is safe to say that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are not only big names in their R&B and hip-hop genres. The couple is music royalty.

The hype of Beyoncé and Jay-Z is far beyond surprise album releases. What attracts music lovers the most is truly the raw meanings behind their most recent music. “Lemonade” was Beyoncé addressing and confronting the issues she faced in her marriage and the barrage of emotions that went along with it. Jay-Z’s album “4:44” came out in what most saw as a apologetic response through music, using means integrated into every aspect including the album’s name.

“Everything is Love,” an album released in 2018, can be looked at as a coming-full-circle story for their relationship. This couple, who must experience much of their lives in the public eye, chose to share a storyline that many actually live out everyday.

It’s hard to believe that anyone would ever cheat on Beyoncé, but the fact that she shares her experience is empowering. Many women (and men) find themselves on the other end of this unfortunate situation. It’s a defeating feeling and can cause someone to feel unwanted. Being open to sharing her experience allowed Beyoncé to feel more real to her fans and others who may have to face a similar situation. 

As important as the honesty was for her fans, this honesty was an important step in healing and forgiveness for Beyoncé as well. It’s hard to understand why this could happen to you and your marriage. Beyoncé started a dialogue through the rollercoaster of emotions and opened the gate for Jay-Z to drop “4:44.”

Jay-Z confessional is nothing to look down upon. Although no one condones actions that directly hurts others, people do make mistakes. In this case, Jay-Z made a bad one. Those who have been in his shoes know how devastating this situation may be for others and themselves. They’ve hurt someone they have cared about for their own selfish reasons, they now have to redeem their image. It would have been easy for Jay-Z to just say nothing and let “Lemonade” run its course, however, Jay-Z owned up to his past.

Honesty has been part of both Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s recovery through the trials and tribulations of their relationship. “Everything is Love” is a powerful testimony of how two people can heal from hurt. This isn’t the case for every relationship, but it was the case for them. It is safe to say that music helped in and continues to help mend the wounds.

“Everything is Love” brings about other important empowerment, touching upon topics such as Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s pride in their black heritage, lifestyles and other influences they face in their life.

Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been active within the community that advocates for the recognition of black Americans, especially. As two prominent members of the entertainment industry and both people of color, THE CARTERS’ sound and influence had and has the ability to continue to influence every generation of young Americans of every background. This sentiment must have held dear to THE CARTERS in the creation of their “APESH*T” video.

The music video of “Le Louvre” is a testimony of THE CARTERS’ influence on music and modern culture, but it is also a testimony to how that influence will last beyond this lifetime. They brought art from our world’s past and paired it with modern artistry. The music video began and opened with an intense moment of THE CARTERS standing in front of the Mona Lisa. How many modern-day artists of any genres or craft can say that they could perform alongside some of the world’s most marveled treasures?

What Beyoncé and Jay-Z did at The Louvre was create art with art. The images helped mold the message, bringing the past into the present. The artistry was nothing of coincidence, which is to be expected from THE CARTERS at this point.

Do your Beyoncé and Jay-Z homework, watch through the entire video to find those messages.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z fan or not, you have to admire their success and journey. They are normal people who have faced problems you would not expect, like infidelity. They chose a path of growing together through their craft, advocating for their beliefs and inspiring the next generations through their personal successes. They have allowed their music to speak for them instead of the headlines or media. Confessionals and surprise albums have made it about their voice, message and music.

No one can overpower the success and voices of music royalty like THE CARTERS.


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