Beyoncé’s Newest Heirs: The Twins

Posted by Beyoncé | @beyonce

So far in 2017 we have experienced the Obama’s leaving the Oval Office, a political media frenzy over the Trump administration and weather patterns unlike ever before. But, who seems to dominate the news through it all? Beyoncé, of course. Aside from her legendary performance while pregnant at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, it is also the year of the twins— her twins to be specific.

The entire world has been obsessing over any and all baby news from the Carter family since the announcement on Instagram in February. Time passed and conspiracy theories started brewing:

“The twins are both boys because she wore the same earrings from her ‘If I Were a Boy’ video in an Instagram post.”

“She has been pregnant for longer than we thought and has already given birth.”

“Jay-Z’s new album titled 4:44 was actually the time of the twins birth.” The list goes on and on.

More recently, the baby buzz had been much louder as people began to speculate that Beyoncé was, in fact, in labor.

According to The Sun, “Fans were sent into a frenzy on June 14 when Beyoncé was seen leaving her mansion and security at her local hospital was apparently stepped up.”

After that, everyone very impatiently awaited any more news on whether or not the Queen was giving birth to her heirs. The next hint was given when she did not attend Jay’s induction into the Songwriter Hall of Fame as the first rapper ever to be honored.

We finally got an actual update when Bey’s father, Matthew Knowles, posted a congratulations on Instagram and Twitter on Father’s Day that says, “They’re here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday.”

It was later reported by The Sun that “the babies were…treated for jaundice due to their premature birth and underwent light therapy.”

With all of this new information coming in, there are still a lot of questions remaining unanswered. Where are the baby pictures? When do they come home? What are their names? The very latest of the Carter-twins news answers that last question for us.

The alleged names for the twins are… drumroll please… Rumi and Sir Carter. As an international celebrity superstar couple there is no longer an excuse to give your children any average names.

“INSIDER found the trademark filings for Rumi Carter and Sir Carter,” says INSIDER. “They are for cosmetics, skin care, lotions, shampoo, baby teething rings, carriages, strollers, baby bibs, tote bags, playpens for babies, bouncy chairs and more.”

It is also very common for trademarks to be placed upon above average celebrity baby names, apparently.

Before any photos of the twins emerged, they had already been declared as the most anticipated baby pictures of all time. On July 14, Beyoncé announced the 1-month birthday of her bundles of joy via Instagram, where the photo garnered nearly 10 million likes. 

Valley can’t say we’re surprised that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s twins are erupting on the scene as infants, but we couldn’t be happier to welcome them into the world.