The Best Tips from Vogue’s Get Ready With Me Series

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The Getting Ready with Vogue video series gives viewers an exclusive glimpse behind-the-scenes of the making of some of our favorite Hollywood icons. Do you want Hailey Bieber’s California girl glow with a contour like Rihanna? VALLEY’s got you covered.

Here is a rundown of some of the best tips the series has blessed us with so far.

Face Prep
Watch Beauty Secrets | Watch Liv Tyler Do Her 25-Step Beauty and ...
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Liv Tyler insists that even the way you pull your hair back when you prep your face is important. The former model only uses silk scrunchies because elastic-type bands could be damaging to the hair.

According to Drew Barrymore, the first step is always clean hands. Next is your face and ensuring you have a clean canvas to work with. Camila Mendez uses the Tracie Martyn purifying cleanser. She mixes three pumps with water. She follows this up with rose water toner from Burt’s Bees. 

Jessica Alba puts on a Shea butter mask for 10 minutes daily. She uses an Honest brand face cream and afterward “beats her face” — in this context, it means that she slaps her face for a few minutes. While she admits she doesn’t exactly like doing it, she was told from a Korean friend that it is the key to looking young. She then uses a water-based cream liberally all over her face, rubs it in with a face massager and rubs in the remainder of the cream with a face roller.

Alba finishes her face prep with a lip scrub and a cellulose eye mask. She thinks the key to skincare is finding products that are fragrance- and paraben-free. She also avoids products that are petroleum based. Supermodel Jordan Dunn also uses only medical-grade moisturizers. Long story short: ingredients matter!

Dark Circles
Watch Beauty Secrets | How Bebe Rexha Gets Rid of Dark Circles—And ...
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The key to getting rid of dark circles is using a color corrector. Bebe Rexha says this counteracts the dark circles around her eyes and anywhere else on her face where she may have discoloration. She lightly powders the color corrector under her eyes with La Mer loose powder and applies Tarte Shape Tape concealer on top. She says it is crucial you let the concealer sit. 

Watch Beauty Secrets | How Martha Hunt Transforms Her Daytime Glow ...
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Victoria’s Secret supermodel Martha Hunt says one thing she has learned from every makeup artist is that nobody is just one color so when doing her own makeup, she likes to mix it up a little. For her foundation, she mixes Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation with a touch of Dr. Hauschka Bronzing tint to add warmth. She adds a drop fluid sheer for some glow magic.

An important foundation tip perpetuated in many of the videos is incorporating sunscreen in your foundation. Kylie Jenner, for example, tops her foundation with a powder sunscreen.

Watch Joan Smalls' Guide To Sculpting- Not Contouring | Kamdora
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For her eyebrows, Joan Smalls likes to use two colors. She likes to first fill her brows in with a color that is lighter than their natural color. She then takes a darker shade to line the top and bottom of the brow, but not the space in between. This gives the appearance of brows that look both full and natural.

Rihanna's Epic 10-Minute Guide to Going Out Makeup | Beauty ...
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In Rihanna’s guide to going-out makeup, when contouring she says it is important you do it for your particular face and ignore what you see on online tutorials. Another hack she offered is putting the contour into your hairline to avoid the white line between hair and head. For the appearance of a sleeker neck, she makes a contour triangle under her chin.

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For a fake California glow, Hailey Bieber applies glow drops by Dr. Barbara Sturm before doing anything else. After bronzing, she uses a Tom Ford highlight on her nose, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow. 

Watch Beauty Secrets | Camille Rowe's Guide to Effortless French ...
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Camille Rowe, the girl who broke Harry Styles’ heart, swears by blush — so you should too. Rowe uses Dior blush and brings it on to her nose. Pinching the brush, she puts a line of blush on the bridge of her nose to give the appearance of sunburn.

Acne Scars
Bella Thorne's Guide to Acne-Prone Skin Care and Glitter Eyes ...
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Bella Thorne suffered from cystic acne for many years. To cover up the acne scars that she was left with, she uses DermaColor, a color corrector typically used for scar victims — she says that it is the only thing that would cover her acne. She says the biggest mistake in covering acne is swiping your makeup; instead, you must dot and pat. By the end of her makeup routine, Thorne’s face looked flawless with not a scar in sight. 

Camille Rowe covers acne scars and pimples by making fake freckles on top of them…innovation that excites!

Kourtney Kardashian's Guide to Natural-ish Masking and Makeup ...
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After curling her lashes, Kourtney Kardashian creates her iconic dramatic lash look using Lancôme mascara. This product is holy grail for Kourtney, who has been using it since college. Hilary Duff goes for a softer look with GrandeLash. She is obsessed with serum-infused mascara that moisturizes your lashes throughout the day. 

Sofia Richie's Guide to Sensitive Skin-Care | Beauty Secrets ...
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Sofia Richie uses KKW lip liner and says she learned from her mom to go slightly over the lip when lining. She puts on a NYX cream matte lipstick and tops it with a Patt McGrath glow.


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