The Best Foodie Channels to Watch on YouTube

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Foodies! We’ve all had those times where we’ve stayed up until 2 a.m. hooked on a cooking series. Whether it’s secret food spots, unique recipes, or food wars; food channels always find a way of hooking you. Here are some binge-worthy foodie YouTube channels that are VALLEY approved! 

Food Insider: Food Wars
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If you love your fast food and are interested in how the U.S.A. and U.K. do it differently, this is the channel to visit. This series from Food Insider chooses a fast food restaurant and has Harry Kersher from the U.K. and Joe Avella from the U.S. visit the restaurant where they live and compare sizes, calorie count, and meal options. They also cover prices, ingredient differences and talk about exclusive menu items in each country! It’s an entertaining way to learn about fast food and the differences that are held in different parts of the world!

Joshua Weissman: At Home But Better
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Joshua Weissman is known for making affordable, yet sapid meals. But if you’re looking for a challenge, watch his series: At Home But Better. Weissman gets requests to recreate famous foods, meals and sometimes even drinks from restaurants, but with the challenge of making it taste better at home. He gets the food, tries it, proceeds to make it better with more flavor and life, and has his crew judge honestly at the end.

Delish: Iconic Eats
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Delish’s Iconic Eats is a great series to watch if you love amusement parks! In the series, Tess Koman goes around to the most popular amusement parks and tries all of their iconic foods! Keep a notebook and pen ready to write down all the favorites you see!

Bazaar: What Celebrities Eat in A Day

If you’re always interested in what your favorite stars are eating, then this is the channel to visit. Delish has celebrities go over a food diary where they talk about everything they consume from the time they wake up until the time they go to sleep, and they also discuss some of their guilty pleasures!

Tasty: Food Challenges

This series is a great channel for cooking hacks! Tasty shows a variety of people attempting multiple things from dishes to random viral hacks! It’s definitely a great channel to watch, as they’re always trying something new for viewers!

Nina And Randa: What I Eat in a Day
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If you’re vegan, this is a good channel to get simple and healthy recipes from. Nina and Randa are twin YouTubers who do everything from vlogs to challenges and even exercises. A few years ago, they switched over to a vegan lifestyle, and have focused their channel to be representative of that! They also show you how they make their food and give recommendation on what they eat if they want to bulk or have a healthy dessert!

Sarah’s Day: Healthy Recipes
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Sarah’s channel is great to visit if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Her channel is all about fitness and family with a focus on making healthy food taste good. She goes over her grocery essentials, meal prep, and some recipes she likes to make that are healthy and fuel her body!

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