The Bachelor: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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There’s a lot to look forward to entering the New Year. Fresh starts, new opportunities and the next season of The Bachelor. Yes, that’s right, it’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for.

The ultimate guilty pleasure show is back and this season the star is Nick Viall, a well-known figure in the Bachelor franchise who has already had his heart broken three times on national television. At that point, you’d think he would return to his home in Los Angeles and sign up for online dating. But not Nick – he’s ready for the return to the Bachelor mansion. And with some good company, popcorn, and comfy pajamas, Valley is ready too.

So is Rachel Hooker, a freshman at Penn State, who told Valley that she’s on Nick’s side this time around.

“He was portrayed as a villain of sorts during Kaitlyn’s season, but it seems like we got to see the real Nick, who’s a good guy, on Bachelor in Paradise,” she says. “So now I’m rooting for him!”

With this being the twenty-first season, it’s hard not to expect some history to repeat itself. After all, how could host Chris Harrison call it the “most dramatic season yet” if there isn’t any crying, fighting, jealousy, or awkward moments? These are the ingredients that we normally don’t want in our own lives, but when it comes to television we turn up the volume and glue our eyes to the screen as soon as the first tear falls. Here are some things Valley thinks we might see on Nick’s upcoming season.

The Early Favorite Gone Wrong

When the Early Favorite Gone Wrong steps out of the limo on the first night, the bachelor visibly swoons. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and all of the other girls hate her for it. But as the weeks go by the true colors come out, and the EFGW’s beef with her fellow contestants inevitably leads to her departure—which is usually accompanied by an ugly cry.

Examples: Tierra from Sean’s season (Season 17): He was swept away initially by her and her crazy eyebrow, but she was sent home in tears when he found out about her fights with the other women.

Britt from Chris’ season (Season 19): Many thought Chris would end up choosing Britt because of their instant connection, but when he discovered her unpopularity and two-faced nature, he sent her home and she –you guessed it—ugly cried.

The Scandal

This is what makes a season of The Bachelor truly dramatic. Crying is one thing, but viewers really love when something happens that seems just a tiny bit more serious than typical reality show drama. “The Scandal” happens when you least expect it, and you best believe that Twitter blows up as a result.

Examples: Rozlyn from Jake’s season (Season 14): She had an affair with a producer of the show while the show was filming causing Chris Harrison and Jake to confront her. Of course this called for her hasty exit from the mansion.

The Jason/Molly/Melissa love triangle (Season 13): After Jason had the most epic balcony cry in the season finale, he proceeded to propose to Melissa. But on the LIVE “After the Final Rose” show, he broke up with then-fiancée Melissa and pleaded with Molly to take him back.

The Ultimate Cringe

These moments cause viewers to cover their eyes or moan in discomfort. They are the embodiments of awkward and make us grateful that it’s not happening to us. Whether it’s a rejected kiss, a flat dinner conversation, or any number of things, they’re all cringe-worthy. And Valley loves them.

Examples: Too many to list.

So find some friends, grab some grub, and prepare yourself. This may be the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet – if we’re lucky!

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