Why HBO’s Westworld is the Show to Watch

Posted by WestWorld HBO | @west.world

Of all the hit shows being talked about right now, a newcomer stands out — HBO’s Westworld. Westworld is the number one show to watch and Valley is here to tell you why!

Based on the original 1973 movie, Westworld is about an amusement park where wealthy visitors can live out any fantasy with artificially intelligent “robots” known as hosts. The hosts are very similar to human beings and arguably have similar consciousness. For the visitors, there are no consequences for their actions with the hosts.

Westworld easily has some of the strongest female characters on television at the moment. Maeve, who runs a brothel, starts out in the show as an intelligent and confident woman. Her character development makes her one of the key characters in the show, only making her stronger. Dolores, who begins as a naïve damsel in distress, finds herself through freedom and exploration.

In a society filled with male dominated media, it is important to recognize the balance between female and male characters in Westworld. The talented cast includes Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, and the legendary Anthony Hopkins.

If you can appreciate an incredible soundtrack, Westworld is for you. The show mostly uses instrumental versions of popular songs. The music ranges from Radiohead to Amy Winehouse. Many times, good scenes became great scenes because of the soundtrack. For example, the Vitamin String Quartet version of “Motion Picture Soundtrack” by Radiohead made Episode Six, “The Adversary,” one of the powerful episode.

Without a doubt, the best element of the show is its complex and dynamic story. Without the beauty of the show’s writing and plot, it wouldn’t be as successful as it is. The show makes you question everything, with twists in every episode. More importantly, it is the show’s ability to make you question the meaning of humanity in a world of artificial intelligence.

HBO’s Westworld is a game changer, leaving you speechless and wondering if reality is truly as it seems.