How to Write a Post-Interview Thank You Card

ZiyanSha_ThankYouCards3Now that the career fair craziness is long over (yay to no more all-day business wear!) some lucky people may have landed the all-important interview. Standing out from the other applicants can be tough, but you can send a lasting impression that will leave employers with a tangible reminder of how awesome you are.

Thank you cards are a tad old fashioned, but that’s what makes them unique. Inboxes are stuffed with emails that employers may not have time to read. But how do you make your thank you card show your personality and keep it classy?

Cards are not created equal

Card designs range from whimsical to subtle but not all are created equal. The cute, glittery pink card with swans may not be the best choice for a financial firm. Pick a card that matches the overall tone of your employer, but still has a flair to it to make it stand out.

Perfect penmanship

Getting a card that has a printed message may be tempting and save you some writing work. But your effort will be noticed if you take the time to write a personal message instead of hoping Hallmark has what you want. Practice writing out your message on scratch paper first and select a good, working pen. Nothing is more distracting than pen scratch indentations all over a thank you card.

Build a structural sandwich

We all know to start with a greeting and end with regards. But what about all the stuff in the middle? First, be specific in your thanks: Thank you for the opportunity to interview for ___________ position. Include a date to help jog the employer’s memory of you if it won’t break the flow or tone of the note. Any other details such as something you learned from the interview, increased enthusiasm for the job, etc. will make your note sound sincere and positive. Above all, sound like yourself.

Thank you notes may be a throwback to an age before Twitter and Snapchat, but they’ll help employers remember you for your brilliant interview when your impeccable style is reflected in your card.

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