Texting Anxiety

Hsieh.HowToMakeTheDecisionTexting. It’s been a huge part of our lives ever since the fifth grade when Razr flip-phones were all the rage. But as we got older, texting became more than just “omg lollllllz” to a legitimate form of communication. Granted, choosing from a range of emojis and texting an attractive boy you’ve had your eye on never gets olds, but what happens when good ‘ole social anxiety starts to affect how you text?

There are obviously some basic rules to texting – all caps means you’re yelling, using the pizza emoji indicates a strong desire for Canyon – but other things are perspective based, like sarcasm. Naturally, this can be a bit of an issue. I can’t explain how many times I’ve texted someone “Are you being sarcastic?” not knowing when someone was kidding. Eventually it just leads to embarrassment and an awkward exchange of “Yeah…chill out, bro!” type texts. 

Seriously though – chill out, bro. It’s gotten to a point where we have to rely on emojis to do the talking. Don’t let your iPhone get you down and take a step back from the screen. With how many texts you (probably) send out a day, it’s no wonder you’re afraid to press send. Don’t forget that language is more than words – it’s about body language, tone, and facial expressions, too!

That being said, just because your boss or your mom uses a period at the end of their sentence and fails to use any smiley faces doesn’t mean they’re mad at you. Not everyone uses slang or shorthand. Before jumping to conclusions, just think to yourself: “It’s only a text.” If you’re really worried about where the conversation is going, there’s nothing wrong with a good “old-fashioned” phone call. Crisis averted and the problem is solved. Don’t let texting anxiety bring you down. It’s totally avoidable with a deep breath and logical thinking. (But remember – when in doubt, turn to the pizza emoji. Everything is wonderful with the pizza emoji.)

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh

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