Getting Acquainted on Tinder

Tinder_LaurenJohnson-1Dating is hard. But, dating in college? Really hard.

Between a full load of classes and multiple extracurricular activities, meeting someone we could potentially see ourselves dating is a challenge. As college students, we are constantly jumping from one time commitment to another. We don’t always have the luxury to talk to someone and really get to know them.

But no fear, there’s an app for that.

For those of you unacquainted with it, Tinder logs you in through Facebook and creates a profile including your first name, age and the photos of your choice. From there, you are shown profiles of other people in your area who you can (hopefully!) match with and begin conversation. It’s our generation’s version of online dating.

It all sounds well and good, and sometimes it is. Maybe some girls really do find a match who is genuinely a great guy and they end up in a happy, healthy relationship. But, there have also been those Tinder conversations that leave girls thinking, “Did he really just say that?” Whether it was something awkward, funny, or just plain weird, we wanted to experience them all firsthand. So after a few days on the Tinder scene, here are some of our favorite responses.

1. The “Snuggleufagus”

Our first, rather confident, young man introduced himself as a “Certified Snuggleufagus,” which apparently translates to someone who thoroughly enjoys snuggling. (This is not to be confused with the popular Sesame Street character “Snuffleupagus,” who is a massive, hairy elephant-type creature). Snuggling is not a topic most guys talk about right away (if ever), but the boldness was appreciated.

2. Sloths are man’s best friend?

Immediately sharing that his favorite thing to wear was a sweater with an image of a sloth on it, this guy was destined to make our list. Perhaps what really made his response so truly fantastic was that he even disclosed the name of the aforementioned sloth, Oswald. Oswald the sweater sloth. How can you not crack a smile at that?

3. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

Our next guy began conversation by talking about food. Food is something we all love and can easily talk about, right? Everyone has a favorite food, maybe pizza or pasta. But this guy’s favorite? Mashed potatoes on a hot dog. Not with, on. It’s unexpected to be sure, but hey, to each their own.

4. First impressions are everything

Formal introductions? Who needs them! This guy didn’t bother with the boring old “Hi, how are you?” He went with a whole new pick up line: “What’s your favorite dinosaur?”

5. The punny guy

Nope, that wasn’t a typo. This guy opened conversation with a pun. You thought that only happened in movies? Oh, how mistaken you are. Here was his: “If you were a fruit, you’d be a FINEapple.” Truthfully, it was surprising that anyone would genuinely use such a ridiculous line, but we’ll allot points for creativity.

6. Bye bye

Our final guy was perhaps the most shocking. Here’s hoping he was just trying to be funny, but regardless, no reply was given to this: “T*ts or bye bye.” Okay then, bye.

After only a few short days experience, it is clear Tinder is not the relationship outlet for everyone. But if you are a person who does enjoy it, by all means, Tinder on! Just know there is the very real possibility for some hilarious, uncomfortable and/or outrageous conversation. The app is just an app, what you do or don’t do with it is entirely your decision. Comment below and share some of your favorite Tinder experiences, we’d love to know!

Photo by Lauren Johnson


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