Testing Boys’ Knowledge About Makeup and Runway Fashion

PicMonkey CollageIt’s known that most boys aren’t the biggest experts in makeup and fashion. But it is true that boys aren’t completely clueless when it comes to these two topics. So how much do they really know? Valley hit the streets and picked the brains of some boys, and then gave them a grade in makeup and fashion knowledge.

Jacob Kline, Freshman

Product #1: L’oreal’s True Match Foundation

Jacob seemed to know this product right away, as he proudly stated “it’s to cover up. After you wash your face you put it on to keep the powdery stuff on.” Impressive, one point for you Jacob.

Product #2: Lorac’s Double Feature Highlighter and Concealer

With no label to look at, Jacob dubbed this product a “Tri-tool Eye Tool!” He said it was a nude lipstick with eye shadow primer as the Highlighter. In all honesty, it was impressive enough that he knew what eye shadow primer was. Eventually, Jacob decided it was a blemish coverer. We’ll give you a point just for your creativity.

Product # 3: Eyelash Curler

Without hesitation, Jacob knew this one.

Product #4: False Eyelashes

“It’s an eyelash thing.” Close enough, we’ll give that to you too.

After makeup, I asked Jacob what he thought of two fashion pieces: an avant garde Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen hat (shown without the model) and a headpiece.

Alexander McQueen Hat: Completely confused, Jacob said this was probably a humidifier or better yet Lord of the Ring’s Eye of Sauron. Close, but wrong answer.

Alexander McQueen Headpiece: “This looks like something I would shoot while hunting…” Fair enough.

Grade: 4/6
Proficiency level: Middle School Girl


Centryll Scott, Freshman

Product #1: L’oreal’s True Match Foundation

“Looks like some foundation or something to fix up a zit. Truth be told, I don’t even know what this is. You put a lot of stuff on your face.”

Product #2: Lorac’s Double Feature Highlighter and Concealer

“Is this lipstick? This is no lipstick… Double feature lipstick?! Yeah, I don’t know what this is. This isn’t lipstick… I hope you’re using this smartly and well. Yeah, good job.”

Product # 3: Eyelash Curler

“This, I’ve used before, and it’s to pluck your eyelashes.” Completely horrified at the thought of “plucking your eyelashes,” we asked for more details. Centryll clarified saying “It’s to lengthen your eyelashes.” Glad we cleared that up.

Product #4: False Eyelashes

“Are these fake lashes? Do they even sell fake lashes? Oh my god, they sell fake lashes! Oh my god, do you glue these on?!” Cue Centryll’s disturbed facial expression.

Alexander McQueen Hat: “A fake looking fireplace… and there’s the grill, and the red stuff could be flames.” Upon realizing it was a clothing item, Centryll changed his answer saying it was a torso piece, but confused he stated “But no one’s neck is that small…”

We changed the headpiece to a famous Alexander McQueen Coat and we got an amusing response:

“That looks like a really expensive snuggie, like straight cashmere.”

Grade: 2/6
Proficiency Level: The Denver Bronco’s Super Bowl Play


Matt McLean, Freshman

Product #1: L’oreal’s True Match Foundation

Matt knew this one perfectly. One for one!

Product #2: Lorac’s Double Feature Highlighter and Concealer

Pointing at the concealer, Matt said “[The concealer] is for your lips so foundation won’t get on your tongue. [The highlighter] is for your eyelids… or your ears… because you don’t want your ears to look red.”

Product # 3: Eyelash Curler

“Now, that looks like some sort of torture machine… I’m pretty sure it’s for when you want to put on fake eyelashes or if you want to straighten your eyelashes. I would never trust this by me.” We then told him the possibility of ripping out your eyelashes with this product. Cue another disturbed face. We’ll give you that point for even touching the “torture machine.”

Product #4: False Eyelashes

“Fake eyelashes.”

Alexander McQueen Hat: “Like a hat. Or not a hat…yeah like a hat.”

Alexander McQueen Dress: “That looks like a fur coat… or a dress… Kind of looks like a rock though.” We would say a very fashionable rock.

Grade 5/6
Proficiency Level: A Macy’s makeup counter lady


Photo Credit:
Alexander McQueen Coat: Metropolitan Museum Blog
Alexander McQueen Hat: Vogue.co.uk
Alexander Headpiece: Metropolitan Museum Blog


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