Take it Back to Black for the Fall Season

BackToBlack_SkylarYuenWith a season change comes a wardrobe change, and a basic girl’s favorite time of year is coming around again. Riding boots, oversized sweaters and knit scarves are on the rise.

But before you scour the stores for your perfect patterned cardi, let’s bring it back to the classic – black.

Sure, everyone loves to indulge in our favorite fall trends, but black is back for fall with a chic new twist. You’ve heard of color-blocking your favorite color combos, and every girl owns that perfect LBD; now vamp up your style with head-to-toe black.

It seems a little intimidating at first. After all, when you think “head-to-toe black,” it definitely takes you back to the middle school emo and scene days, am I right? But don’t forget that black doesn’t have to be bad. There are many reasons to love it, and you can literally wear it with anything.

“The versatility of black is that it goes with everything. It appeals to people because it’s both a blend-in and a standout color. I think it’s a good color to just ‘be’ in,” says Sercy Assistant Manager Victoria Pentoney.

Not sure where to start? Follow these tips to hit the ground running.

Keep it simple

Start with go-to pieces like black skinny jeans and a simple leather jacket. Though basic, they scream, “I’ve got my life together.” They’re also easy to shape an outfit around, so no more indecisiveness when it comes to picking the perfect top.

Work that bootie, girl

No, I don’t mean your buns, hun. Hit up a basic black pair of ankle booties, and work your way up. There’s something satisfying about having a universal pair of shoes for an outfit; it’s sort of like the end piece to your perfect ensemble. Once you have the shoes down, add black pieces to compliment them. Leggings? Check. Flowy tunic? Get it.

One word: Accessorize

Going monochrome isn’t for the faint of heart. For those who need a little more pep in their step, add color with your favorite accessories. Bright heels, a pastel bubble necklace or even a killer red mani can spice up your #ootd in a stylish way.

As you transition into fall, don’t be afraid to ditch the riding boots for something new. As Yves Saint Laurent once said, “I love black because it affirms, designs, and styles. A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke.” Moral of the story: don’t underestimate the power of going back to black.

Photo by Skylar Yuen 

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