We’re Fall(ing) for Overalls

IMG_8567-2Pumpkin spice everything, North Faces for days, and the realization that it’s only going to get colder from here – if you’re over all that is fall, take a second and reconsider that summer #TBT you were about to post, because we think we might have exactly what you’re looking for.

When the leaves start falling it’s time to do some overall-ing. Ditch your shorts and tank tops and get ready to strap on fashion’s favorite denim onesies, perfectly styled to take you seamlessly from summer to fall.

Picking Your Perfect Pair

First thing’s first (we’re the realest): mastering the overall-for-fall trend starts with finding a pair of ‘alls with an appropriate fit and wash.

Your goal is to choose a fit that hits the sweet spot between oversized-lumberjack staples and undersized sales-rack rejects. There should be just enough room around the waist to tuck in your shirt, but not enough that you’re accidentally flashing bystanders every time you bend down – think loose and comfy like your boyfriend’s jeans, but with a flattering, feminine feel.

Once you’ve got the right silhouette, picking the right shade for your denim’s wash is going to be crucial in transitioning your overalls into the cooler months.

Colder weather calls for darker colors and your denim is no exception. Florals and light pastel washes are great for spring and summer, but to make the look work for fall, stick with indigo-washes and, if you’re feeling adventurous, burgundies or blacks.

Longer Lengths

Even though we know our bodies are fabulous all day, erryday (*Insert girl-power high-five here*), fall is that glorious time of year when we don’t have to agonize over how our legs look in shorts.

Overalls come in all shapes and sizes so if you thought summer’s shorter overalls were your only option, you’re gonna love the longer lengths fall has in store.

To keep your overalls from looking too one-dimensional, try cuffing the pants at the ankle – you’d be surprised just how much cool-girl cred rolling your jeans will get you. Can you say, ‘I woke up like this’?

All Together Now

As is the key to any trend, pairing your overalls with fall’s must-have long-sleeved staples is the most important step.

Consider this the beginning of a beautiful friendship; overalls give you the boyfriend-fit without needing a belt. What goes better with a boyfriend than his over-sized sweaters (or the ones you buy for yourself because, hey, you run the freaking world)?

Pile on a sweater over your ‘alls for a cozy look or slip on a thinner knit under the straps for something a little more pulled together. Tossing a flannel over top can also keep you feeling warm and looking fresh.

“We have a lot of flannel,” says Urban Outfitters sales associate Brandi Wesley. “During the summer a lot of people wear it around their waist, but in the fall you can wear it over an item.”

Don’t Forget the Details

Accessories can take a pair of overalls from playground to ‘Hey, wow…’

According to Wesley, the best shoes to pair with a cuffed pant-leg in the fall is either an ankle-bootie or a pair of Chucks.

“A lot of people do the white Converse to make it seem a little more vintage,” she says.

And for the ladies who don’t want to give up their shorter hemlines, there’s hope for you yet! Slipping on a pair of thin, dark-colored stockings can make shorter overalls your year-round go-to.

Strap up and in, ladies – fall is coming. And overall, we think you’re ready (We had to).

Photo by Natalie Runnerstrom

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