How To Roast Your Chickpeas


You use them occasionally on your salads and for simple side dishes, but you really don’t know how to incorporate them into your daily meals, so they are mostly an afterthought. However, chickpeas are awesome and they are such a versatile food, if you know what to do with them.

The Magic of Honey


Honey, honey, honey… what’s all this buzz about honey? Valley did some research to find out about the benefits of this ooey, goeey substance, and trust us, with what we found, honey might be the best thing that came around before sliced bread.

Five Fruits For Glowing Skin


Do you ever get sick of using multiple face washes, moisturizers and having to wear cover-up because your face is lacking that “natural glow” that everyone else seems to have? We did some research and compiled a list of five fruits that can give you that glow you have been looking for all winter long.