Staff Pick of the Week: The Honey App

Have you ever scoured the Internet in search of discount or promo codes, diligently trying each one only to be rejected by your fav shop with “Promo Code Invalid”? Well, allow Valley to introduce you to your newest (and smartest) shopping companion, Honey. Honey is a web browser extension that specializes in saving you money. It automatically finds and applies valid coupon codes at check out. How sweet is that?

No complicated registration or overly personal information needed. Just add Honey as an application to your Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browser and get to shopping. When you have a cart full of goodies, a yellow box will pop up on the side of your screen and all you have to do is click “Try Codes.” Honey will search the worldwide web for promo codes and apply the best one for maximum savings.

Honey is not only the thrifty online best friend everyone needs, it’s also the smartest. As you continue to use Honey to find extra savings, it personalizes your shopping experience and reminds you of codes most pertinent to you.

Are you an avid online shopper? Fan of saving money? Valley is both of these, that’s why we have Honey as our online shopping BFF.

To install Honey, or for more information on how awesome it is, type “Honey App” into your browser or click here.