Supernatural Ending After 15th Season

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After 14 seasons of vampires, witches, ghosts, demons, angels and every monster known and unknown to mankind, “Supernatural” is coming to an end.

A few days ago, Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Misha Collins (Castiel) posted a video on Twitter announcing the end of the show. However, the CW has renewed the show for its 15th season, making it the longest running sci-fi show in TV history.

Despite Supernatural coming to an end, you can still watch it from start to finish on Netflix. It only takes approximately 13,202 hours, or 1.5 years, which should have you done by the time season 15 wraps up.

If you’re not a binge watcher of TV shows, or you don’t have the time or willpower to watch that many episodes of a show, VALLEY has compiled a list of the 15 best episodes of Supernatural (so far) in honor of 15 seasons. If you haven’t gotten into the show but plan to, major SPOILER ALERT ahead.

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  1. Dark Side of the Moon (Season 5, Episode 16)

Sam and Dean are shot and killed by angry hunters and sent to heaven where they relive some of the best memories of their lives.

Highlight: Dean remembering a young Sam and him in a field setting off fireworks on the 4th of July.


  1. Mystery Spot (Season 3, Episode 11)

While investigating a man’s disappearance, Sam has to relive the same day over and over again while figuring out how to stop Dean from dying each day.

Highlight: Sam continuously waking up to the song “Heat of the Moment” by Asia.


  1. Bad Day at Black Rock (Season 3, Episode 3)

Sam and Dean find out that someone stole a cursed rabbit’s foot from their dad’s storage locker that gives the holder good luck, but if the holder loses it, they get extreme bad luck that leads to death.

Highlight: After Sam loses the rabbit’s foot, he drops his shoe down a drain grate.  

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  1. After School Special (Season 4, Episode 13)

Sam and Dean go undercover to investigate a series of murders at their old high school. This episode intertwines flashbacks of their younger selves from the time they went to school there.

Highlight: Dean going undercover as the gym teacher and teaching the students how to play dodgeball while wearing short shorts and a sweatband.

  1. The Man Who Would Be King (Season 6, Episode 20)

Castiel tells Sam and Dean the story of the war in heaven and how he and Raphael became enemies.

Highlight: The beginning of the episode when Castiel begins the story and breaks the fourth wall.

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  1. Heart (Season 2, Episode 17)

While Sam and Dean are investigating a werewolf killing, they meet a woman who turns out to be the werewolf they have been hunting. Sam ends up growing close to her while they try to find a cure for her.

Highlight: Sam turning to Dean with tears covering his face just before he has to kill the woman since she doesn’t want to live as a werewolf.


  1. Lebanon (Season 14, Episode 13)

Sam and Dean look into an occult solution for their latest problem, but instead of a solution they are reunited with their father, John.

Highlight: John reuniting with his wife, Mary.

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  1. Changing Channels (Season 5, Episode 8)

The Trickster traps Sam and Dean inside a series of different TV shows; a medical drama, a Japanese game show and a sitcom, and they are forced to play along in order to get out.

Highlight: Sam and Dean acting like they are on a bad sitcom.  


  1. Fan Fiction (Season 10, Episode 5)

For the 200th episode, Sam and Dean investigate a case at a high school where they learn that the school is doing a musical based on their lives.

Highlight: Sam and Dean’s reactions to finding out about making their lives into a musical.


  1. Death’s Door (Season 7, Episode 10)

As Bobby lays in the hospital dying, he seeks the help of an unlikely old friend to help him solve a case. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean cope with the imminent loss of their last father figure.

Highlight: Bobby dies and his last memory is of Sam and Dean arguing about food on his couch. 


  1. Baby (Season 11, Episode 4)

Featuring Sam and Dean’s roadtrip to fight a new monster, the episode is shot entirely from the inside of the Impala.

Highlight: Sam and Dean eating burritos and singing along to “Night Moves” by Bob Seger.


  1. In the Beginning (Season 4, Episode 3)

Dean is transported back in time to Lawrence, Kansas where he runs into his parents younger selves, who have just fallen in love.

Highlight: Dean convinces his father to buy the Impala.

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  1. The French Mistake (Season 6, Episode 5)

Sam and Dean are transported into an alternate universe where they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, actors in the tv show “Supernatural.”

Highlight: Sam and Dean meet Misha, who plays Castiel.   


  1. What Is and What Should Never Be (Season 2, Episode 20)

While hunting a djinn (a type of fictional creature in the show) Dean is sent into an alternate world where his mom was never killed, his dad never became a hunter and Sam’s girlfriend was never killed, causing Dean and Sam to grow up with completely different lives.

Highlight: Alternate world Sam, Mary, and Jess try and convince Dean to stay in this world with them instead of going back to his real life.  


  1. Swan Song (Season 5, Episode 22)

In the season finale, Sam and Dean run out of options for how to stop the apocalypse as Chuck, the writer of the Supernatural books in the show, and a prophet, narrates the episode. Sam falls into Hell with Lucifer and Dean is forced to make good on his promise and not look for a way to bring Sam back.

Highlight: Sam breaking free of Lucifer by remembering his time with Dean throughout his life.

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Even after 14 going on 15 seasons, this show never fails to come up with original ideas that evoke just the right amount of laughs and tears. We can only speculate what the “Supernatural” writers have in store for their final season.

Will Dean reunite with Lisa and Ben? Will Sam and Dean both die and go to Heaven to be with everyone they’ve lost? There’s no way to know, but fans hopes are high that it will match Chuck’s quote at the end of season five, because who doesn’t love a sentimental ending to a TV show about monsters, demons, witches and angels?

So what’s it all add up to? It’s hard to say. But me, I’d say this was a test … for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well … isn’t that kinda the whole point? No doubt — endings are hard. But then again … nothing ever really ends, does it?”


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