Summer Flings Fly Away

photo.PNGEver seen the movie, 500 days of summer? Well, having a summer fling is a relationship that is similar to this movie with some cheesy one liners, pointless emotional fights and a whole lot of summer lovin’. Instead of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the main lovers, replace them with you and your partner.

Having a summer fling is being in a relationship with a person of interest only for the summer. The problem with this fling is that there is an imaginary expiration date due around the time of August. Many young adults find themselves enjoying summer with their partner but with the mindset of living in the moment. If done differently, then the terms of this relationship turns into something that wasn’t planned. Here are the three basic rules for surviving a summer fling:

1. Don’t get too attached.

This is the main rule that should be followed. As seen in the movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character learned the hard way when he had to deal with the confusion of his feelings evolving for Zooey’s character. If this does occur, you should let your partner know as soon as possible to avoid any confusion or heart-break down the road.

2. Allow for spontaneity.

This creates of sense of excitement and urgency for the both of you. After all, being in a summer fling, both people know that it is a short-term relationship, so why not make every moment count? Visiting boring museums while making fun of serious “art,” going to amusement parks and making sure you are not the first to throw up and making a CD of your favorite 90s bands, are just some of the few things that can be done in a spontaneous way so that the spark doesn’t burn out.

3. Be aware of “the end”.

Going into a summer fling, both people need to know that this isn’t a long-term relationship. This could easily get mixed up with a “friends with benefits” type of vibe, but the differences are distinct. A summer fling is more than just hookups, but one of fully enjoying the company of another person physically, mentally and emotionally with control.

If these three rules are followed then both people can fully enjoy a summer fling and wont have to dread them when they fly away.

Photo by Christine Dua

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