Stay on Top of Academics at Home

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In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, it can be tough to keep up with schoolwork. Adjusting to working from home takes time, but there are ways to help make this transition easier. In a period of such uncertainty, it’s important to hold yourself accountable and stay on top of your academics.

Get organized

Organization is key to success. Try to set up a clean workspace that you use for your online classes. This may seem like a small change, but it can do wonders for your productivity. It also can help you feel more focused and motivated.

Another great tool to organize your schoolwork is a planner. Fill it with a detailed schedule of your day, upcoming assignments and when you plan on completing them; however, you don’t need an expensive day planner to stay organized. A simple to-do list is more than enough to ensure that you’re staying on top of all of your schoolwork.

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Stay motivated

Motivation looks different to each person. In such troubling times, it’s important to find ways to motivate yourself. Things may feel hopeless at times, but it’s up to you to keep yourself in the right headspace to stay productive so you don’t fall behind in your classes and assignments.

Put electronics away

Sitting on your phone — instead of paying attention to your Zoom class — will not help you learn anything. What you get out of your online class experience is all about what you’re willing to put into it. It may be hard to get off Twitter or TikTok for a little bit, but it will still be there when you get back.

Additionally, try to stay focused on your laptop. Sifting through emails and Canvas notifications is important to staying up to date, but you should do it when you’re not in lecture or a discussion.

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Stay in touch with classmates

Keeping in touch with your friends from class can be a great way to ensure that you’re staying up-to-date with class assignments. It can also feel reassuring to know that you have someone to reach out to in case you need someone to study with or in case you have any questions.

On top of that, it’s nice to not feel completely alone in your online classes. Having a class buddy that you can text or call can do wonders for your perception of the class and your experience with online classes.


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