Starting From the Basics

College is the time to experiment with our style (among various other things) to help us figure out who we are. Everyone has different styles because it is based on each individual personality. There is a wide range with everything from punk rock, edgy, preppy, boho, to simple and classic.

Some girls who don’t know which category they belong in and may get frustrated because they want to try out current  trends but can’t figure out their own personal style. Focusing on what clothes fit your body type and building your style from the ground up are key ways to finding your style.

Valley went on the hunt to different stores to see why starting with the basics is important for those who struggle with discovering their sense of style. Urban Outfitters is a staple for basics that everybody needs in their closet, no matter what their style is.

“Starting with your staple pieces and building up from there is easiest when it comes to finding your style,” says Jenneth Lee, Urban Outfitters store manager. “Finding out what you like is easy if you start from square one. Then you can venture out from there and experiment with different pieces,” she says.

Your style doesn’t need to fit into a certain category nor does it have to include the newest trends. If wearing a simple V-neck and jeans make you happy, go for it. If rocking a red lip and Steve Madden pumps make you feel comfortable, own it.

“It is important to remember that your style is unique to you and you should wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy,” Jenneth says.

It is not the fact that other people have style and you don’t, they just have a different style and there is nothing wrong with that. Finding your style takes time and it is always evolving. As long as you always feel comfortable and happy in your clothes, you’ll feel beautiful inside and out no matter what you are wearing.