Soulmate: Reality or Torture Device?

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Whether it’s “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone,” or “So, are you seeing someone special?” when you’re single, someone’s always got a bit of commentary for you to remind you just how single you really are. It’s as if you’re seen as incomplete without another person to whom you’re committed: a soulmate. But is there really just one perfect person out there for you? Can a person have more than one soulmate? When it comes to attaining that someone special, is this idea of soulmates a futuristic reality or just a torture device?

Soulmate vs. Torture Device
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A soulmate is supposed to be someone who is ideally suited for you. That one missing piece in your life that checks off all your boxes. Your forever companion. But this idea that there is only one person out there for you can be daunting. It makes finding someone seem unattainable. Like you’re already being set up to fail. How do you know when you’ve found “the one”? If you miss them, does another one come around?

Then there’s the question about past relationships. If it didn’t work, does that mean they weren’t your soulmate? You can never truly be sure. One thing that frequents the mind in these predicaments is if you’re enough. You’re always trying to look outside yourself, hyper-analyzing what’s supposed to naturally fall into place. Trying to figure it out just makes the idea of meeting someone that much more challenging, becoming more of a torture device than a reality we desire to obtain.

Single, Dating and Figuring It Out

As a single person, time can seem like the enemy. Time moves on, as does age, and sometimes this idea of your perfect person seems more and more out of reach, as if you’re on borrowed time.

With so many possible prospects out there, why haven’t you met your one yet? And if you’re dating, you’re stuck trying to figure out how to know if you’ve got the right one. Everyone seems like a runner-up in this gameshow of happily ever after.

The Verdict
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It seems that this idea of soulmates just bears the result of a tortured soul. At least in the romantic sense. Labeling someone as your one, true companion is just too much to live by and strive for. With all the people who are out there, it’s safe to say that there are many people you are compatible with, and one lucky person that gets to be committed to you, and you to them.

In the grand scheme of life, instead of one soulmate, err on the side of having many. Your friends are those people in your life who make you feel whole who stick with you through thick and thin can be your soulmates! You don’t need to have just one special person.

If we redefine this idea of a soulmate with soulmates, what you realize is that your friends are your forever companions. Your ideal group of people suited for you to walk through life with. A romantic soulmate is the cherry on top when you’re ready. Once this idea of a singular soulmate is erased, it might just be a lot easier to spot someone. Until then, you’ve got your soulmates, a little less torture, and a lot more promise to look forward to.

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