Songwriter’s Club Host 2-Night THON Benefit

JonathanHsieh.SongwritersEventFriday and Saturday, Penn State’s very own Songwriter’s Club (SWC) put on an incredible two-night show with 100% of the proceeds going towards THON! For just $5, the audience could see some of the most talented musicians Penn State has to offer play in an intimate setting.

On Friday, eight incredible acoustic acts wowed the audience. Chris Nistor, Nick and Gabo, Cullen McGowan, Julie Bouchard, Kelly Lynn Barber, Jacked Rabbit, Ryan Fox and Miles Wright played both amazing originals and covered songs ranging from Adele to The Foo Fighters.

On Saturday, we got a treat of four seasoned electric bands – Lenina Crowne, Port Vue, Flashback Forward and The Wondershop Showdown (who are actually playing at this year’s THON.) These bands played mostly originals with a few memorable covers of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Lumineers.

For a concert venue in 102 Forum, the club was very happy with the turnout. Ryan Fox, the president of the SWC, couldn’t be happier. “Our turnout tonight is great – we have over 50 people,” Fox says. “We had a little less last night, but the bands really bring out their own following.”

Fox is also a member of the club Open Mic Penn State and was nominated for Best Songwriter, Best Singer and Best Acoustic Performance. Talk about a triple threat!

“I had no idea what was going on, my name just kind of appeared on the nomination,” Fox says. “It’s really awesome – I urge people to vote for people in our club. We have to support local musicians.”

If you want to vote for Ryan (which you totally should), click here! For those of you who want to see some great shows, like The Songwriter’s Club on Facebook.

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh


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