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So you love Spotify and can always be spotted walking from class to class with your earbuds in. But why not go above and beyond and take time to create the music? Penn State’s Songwriters Club recognizes music’s unifying powers by encouraging the sharing and creating of original music.

Founded in September 2009 by Brian Walker and current president Maura Westerlund, the Songwriters Club has mellifluously impacted Penn State student life by hosting benefit concerts for THON and providing a supportive threshold for musicians to improve their art.

“One of the nice things about SWC is people help each other to play better,” member Michael Gattis says. “If you’re not very good at playing guitar or other instruments, you can find someone who is and have a jam session.”

SWC is supportive of each member, whether that person is musically talented or simply comes out to listen to some tunes. At the end of their meetings, students can showcase their own material and ask for help with lyrics or chord progressions.

“Everyone is very helpful and understanding,” Gattis says. “You may feel a little nervous sharing your work, but remember you’re playing in front of a room full of musicians. They’ve all been there.”

Apart from having club jam sessions and hosting open mic nights, Gattis says several bands have formed through SWC and play at a few venues around campus. So, if you’re a music guru or just love rocking out, check out their Facebook page and come play among some of Penn State’s finest talent.

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