Tips for Prolonging Your Whitened Smile

ShantelleWilliams.DosandDontsofWhiteningStrips1What better way to one-up your blue and white attire than with a whiter smile?

Regardless of your whitening method – from whitening strips to even a professional clean – it’s important to have a basic understanding of maintaining that pearly white Penn State smile.

1)  Don’t Go Crazy. Overdoing it with whitening strips may mean more than a glow-in-the-dark smile. Often times, abusing whitening treatments leads to oversensitive teeth or a receding gum line. Be sure to set a timer on your phone for how long your whitening treatment will take, and listen for it!

2)  Keep it Stain-Free. For at least a week after whitening, try your best to avoid extremely pigmented foods and beverages. You may have to skip a few Starbucks runs here and there, but in the long run you’ll be extending the life of your whitening treatment.

3)  Invest in Straws. That’s right, straws. If your late-night cram session cannot be done without a jolt of coffee or tea, drink it through a straw to reduce staining.

4)  Think Healthy Foods. Add crunchy vegetables and fruits to your grocery list. Apples, carrots, and celery are all foods that scrub the surface of teeth and help to remove stains.

5)  Never Underestimate… The power of baking soda. Grab a toothpaste with baking soda and whitening agents to help with any unwanted surface stains.

Keep smiling Penn State – we do live in Happy Valley after all.

Photo by Shantelle Williams

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