So Long Lip Fillers, Hello Lip Blushing!

Lip fillers have been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in recent years. Thanks to influencer culture, everyone has been chasing that full-lip look and it’s not going away anytime soon. Lucky for those chasing the perfect pout, a lip blushing procedure could be the solution.

What is Lip Blushing and How Does It Work?

Elle Magazine describes lip blushing as a form of semi-permanent makeup, almost like tattooing. Lip blushing enhances your natural color and acts as a natural lip liner to define the shape of your lips. Though lip blushing doesn’t involve syringes, it does involve a small needle that deposits pigment, which evens out over time.

The first step in the hour-long procedure is the prep, where an anesthetic is given to dilute the pain of the tattoo. After 20 minutes, your aesthetician will line your lips in your desired shape, with abilities to make adjustments, if necessary.

Choosing the best aesthetician for you is key to getting those perfect results best suited for your lips. Prices may range anywhere from $500 to $1500 depending on where you live and which aesthetician you visit.

Why You Should Try It

Lip blushing doesn’t involve big syringes and injections. Though blushing isn’t a new technique, an improved form of lip blushing has been making waves on TikTok and is currently one of plastic surgery’s most popular procedures. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill lip tattoo: it does the job of lip fillers at the same price, but comes with more long-lasting results.

Lip filler enlarges your lips, whereas lip blushing creates the illusion of fuller, more natural-looking lips. If lack of lip symmetry is something you’re particularly insecure about, lip blushing could be the procedure for you.

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Pre-Op and Post-Op Care

Aestheticians tell Elle Magazine and Women’s Health their tips and tricks for pre and post-op lip blushing care.

Before the procedure, clients should vigorously moisturize their lips for a week leading up to the blushing. It doesn’t hurt to exfoliate the lips a couple of times before the procedure, either.

Avoiding blood-thinning substances is key, which includes alcohol, caffeine, and ibuprofen.

After your lip blushing is complete, you may experience swelling. This is common for any lip enhancement procedure, given that lip blushing is a form of tattooing. If you experience any swelling, applying ice can help ease the pain.

Before and After

Take a look at some lip blushing transformations:

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