Smart Style: Holly Shops Savvy Online

Name: Holly Lamp
Major: Business
Year: Freshman
Age: 18
Hometown: Syosset, Long Island, NY

What She’s Wearing: Moccasins, Zappos, $60; Jeans, Flying Monkey, $60; Tank top, Urban Outfitters, $10; Cashmere cardigan, Macy’s, $150; Northface vest, Zappos, $100; earrings, The Attic, $4.

Dress for Success: “I like to get dressed up for class, but I have some days when I’m not getting out of my sweatpants but…I feel like it effects your mood and sets you up for the day.”

Shopping Convenience: “I just browse. I pull random things, try them on and hope it works. I love online shopping from Urban Outfitters. It’s just very convenient and usually Urban’s prices online can be a little cheaper if you check the sales stuff, it’s a lot better. “

Go-To Outfit: “I love my [The] North Face vest with a cardigan. That’s my go-to with my moccasins. But if I’m going out ill wear my leather jacket and I like darker, neutral colors- not really bright colors. My style ranges from girly to hipster.”

Stores: “Urban Outfitters is my favorite. I love American Apparel, I like Metro in town. Urban is just very different in all their clothes. I love Free People and Metro has a lot of that. It’s just my style, I don’t know how to explain it. I also love [New York] city, areas like SoHo and Canal – that’s where you get the good deals. I just walk around the mall and if I see something I like then I’ll go into that store.”

Photos by Shreel Parikh

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