Single Syndrome

tumblr_m8lgy90Mtf1rapt08o1_500Between the obsessions with the hottest Hollywood “It” couples and reality dating shows, it’s no surprise that in today’s culture we’ve taken on an anti-single status. We’ve determined the association that single is to lonely as a relationship is to happy. It seems that we’ve forgotten what being single is all about- embracing ourselves and taking the time to understand what we want.

When it comes to college, there’s an endless amount of options when it comes to defining your relationship status. You can be single and looking for a relationship, single and not looking for a relationship, happily in a relationship, in a relationship but looking for a way out, or like many of us, single and still trying to figure out why.

If you’re single and don’t want to be, we’re here to offer some advice. Valley has a list of symptoms that may be causing you to stay single: 

  1. You constantly think about what it would be like to date that cute guy you’ve had your eyes on, but never take that first step.
  2. You like being able to go out whenever you want, with whomever you want, but you also wouldn’t mind having a date sometimes.
  3. You like having all of the freedom in the world, but sometimes you want someone to share that freedom with.
  4. You think you want a boyfriend, but you’re not ready to commit.

If any of these signs could relate to you, you may have what we like to call “Single Syndrome.” It can be found among those who like the idea of starting something new and the possibilities it will bring, such as a relationship. But with every opportunity comes new limitations, and that scares you. The limitations of a relationship may feel smothering, and maybe that just means you’re not ready to be in one just yet.

There are a lot of benefits to being single that you may not realize, too. College is a place to experience events like meeting new people, hanging out with friends and going out on the town. Not having to miss out on going out, girl’s nights in and the freedom to meet new people are among them. Every day is filled with possibility, and we all can agree that some things are just better with friends.

Junior Stephanie Maynez puts being single in college best, “I have plenty of time for a boyfriend in the future, but only now to work on something I really love to do.”

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