Realizing You’re Not a Freshman Anymore

photo-23It’s no secret that all upperclassmen are in denial about not being freshmen anymore. Once they start their sophomore year and they see the next batch of twerps move into East wearing their lanyards and brand new Penn State Football shirts, they start to realize that the many perks that came with the freshman life are now gone. As the weeks go by, reality starts to set in. Things are just not the same.

During The First Week of Classes

The first week of class upperclassmen realize that they no longer have that clean slate of grades they did freshman year. Grades are now really important because they have to maintain a GPA to get into their major or stay in it. All of those C’s they got freshman year thanks to pledging, going out, not caring, etc. now really matter. Thanks Anthropology…

The First Football Game

While preparing for the first football game of the year, upperclassmen realize that the once five-step walk from their dorm to the football stadium is now a thirty minute commute if they’ve moved downtown. Everyone buys season tickets assuming they’ll go to every single game, but if they tailgate off campus in eighty degree weather; a Chipotle run and a nap sound a lot better than walking to the other side of the planet to watch a football game.

Tuesday Night and You Want Nachos

Nacho Night at Findlay was sent down from Heaven to bring joy and happiness to all little freshman’s stomachs. Now upperclassmen realize that they must settle for their own version of nacho night using cheese that may or may not be good, and stale Tostitos thanks to their roommate who forgot to close the bag…again.

In the Hub with No Meal Plan

While watching freshman buy absurd amounts of Panda Express with their ID cards, upperclassmen realize that it was the best when their parents supplied them money for food. Now for some reason parents think their children are capable of cooking themselves three substantial meals a day since they live in an apartment with a kitchen. But don’t be fooled moms, just like Junior Luis Ahumada, your child is probably living of off “Mac and cheese, ramen, and more ramen.”


During THON, upperclassmen are filled with excitement and chills, but they know nothing compares to the once in a lifetime feeling they had as freshman when they first laid eyes on THON.

“[Freshmen] get to experience a moment that few other moments in their college careers can’t compete with,” says THON 2014 Morale Captain Stephanie Dimuzio. “This moment I am speaking of is the moment in which a volunteer steps into the main arena of the BJC during THON weekend for the first time. I can remember when this moment happened for me perfectly, as can thousands of other THON volunteers over the years. I watched my six freshman committee members step foot on the BJC floor during THON 2014. To watch their eyes light up, some filled with tears, was absolutely beautiful. You could almost see the passion, love, and excitement pour out of them.”

And The Worst of All

Upperclassmen soon realize that they don’t have four years left at Penn State anymore. Three years, two years, graduating this year… Seriously, where have the best four years of our lives gone?

So freshmen the next time you ask an upperclassman what year they are and they answer with a cringe, this is why. So live it up while everyone is still jealous of you, but please don’t wear your lanyard around your neck.

This is just a list of a few things, upperclassmen comment below anything else you miss about being a freshman!

Photo by Jennifer Meyers

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