Quiz: Which Celebrity BFF’s Are You and Your Best Girlfriend?

76976_ext_arquivoThere something unexplainably adorable about celebrity best friends that makes us all fall in love with them. Seeing their pictures out shopping and being normal people remind us that maybe, just maybe, they’re not so different from us after all.

Take our quiz to find out which celebrity BFF pair you and your best friend are most like!

1. When you and your best friend hang out, you end up…

A. Going out to the bar for the two B’s: Booze and Boys
B. Going to karaoke night at a local restaurant
C. Have a girls’ night in, prank calling people and making each other laugh
D. Going to the gym

2. If you could describe your best friend in one word, it would be…

A. Crazy
B. Talented
C. Hilarious
D. Motivated

3. If you and your best friend could only bring one item on a trip, it would be…

A. A bottle of wine
B. A guitar
C. Your collection of classic comedies
D. Your new sneakers

4. You can most often find you and your best friend dressed in…

A. Sparkly, going-out clothes
B. A fun, unique dress
C. Sweatpants and a t-shirt. End of story.
D. Work-out clothes

If you got…

Mostly A’s – Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Anniston

If you scored mostly A’s, you and your best friend are party girls! You guys love to go out and have a good time, just like Chelsea and Jen. There is no event that you two won’t go to. Girl talk and wine are two of your favorite things. Your conversation can cover anything from a cute dress you saw out shopping today, to planning who each of your next boyfriends will be.

Mostly B’s – Katy Perry and Rihanna

If you scored mostly B’s, you and your best friend have got some talent! You guys really bond over your mutual love of music. You are constantly introducing each other to a new band or song you’ve heard, trying to find your next favorite. But it’s not all about music all the time, you guys like to dress up and go have some fun too.

Mostly C’s – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

If you scored mostly C’s, you guys love to make each other and other people smile. Everything you do together ends with laughter and you two are always finding ways to make any situation a funny one. You both swear you each need your own TV show one day, just like Tina and Amy. Leave it to you two to crack a joke or pull a prank at any given moment.

Mostly D’s – Venus and Serena Williams

If you answered mostly D’s, you and your BFF keep each other motivated! Serena and Venus are sisters, but also best friends who keep each other focused on and off the tennis court. You and your best friend love to hit the gym or go for a run by each other’s side. You guys are dependent on each other to help one another reach your goals.

Photo credit: everythinggirlslove.com 


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