PMS Broken Down for Guys Understanding

unnamed.jpgThere isn’t enough paper in the world to write down all of the things men don’t understand about women. There just isn’t.

Since the beginning of time, men have been searching for the answer to the world’s greatest mystery – what do women want? So listen up boys, because I am about to let you in on our secret… we don’t know, either.

It is this irrationality that makes us undeniably female. And there’s only one time a month when our irrationality is off the charts and boys really have no clue what we want. That’s right, our periods.

Whether it’s a sister, girlfriend, or just friend, guys have women in their lives – hormonal, menstruating women. But fear not men, I am here to help you navigate the red sea.

“It’s like playing emotional jeopardy when dealing with that. I’ll take ‘What the Heck Did I Do? for $1,000,’” says Mike*, a confused male sophomore. Well, Mike, you’re not alone. Let’s break down what to do when your girl bites your head off for no (apparent) reason.

Honestly, try to put yourself in her shoes. She has cramps that feel like she is getting punched repeatedly in the stomach. She is bloated and her skin is probably breaking out. Cut her a break. If she flips out at you, don’t try to argue back, just let her blow off some steam. I guarantee you in 10 or 15 minutes, she’ll have calmed down and already forgotten why she was yelling in the first place.

What if she is on an eating binge?

Let her go. There is no place more dangerous than between a girl and her food. Never comment on what she’s eating and especially not on how much she is eating. You could earn major brownie points (pun absolutely intended) if you go out and buy her some dark-chocolate salted caramels or any baked good. You could really impress her and bake something yourself. Crazy, right? Little things go a long way, guys. Be creative.

How much should you care, though? Dave*, another a confused college male, wants to know. “I don’t know if she wants me to act normal or be super sensitive,” he says. “If I act normal, she might not think I care. But if I’m sensitive, she might think I’m not being genuine.”

This is a common dilemma. Girls always want to see that you care and as long as you mean what you say and do, she will know you’re being genuine. When she clearly is exhausted or seemingly sad, don’t pester her. Ask her once if she wants to talk, and if she says no, that’s fine. You made yourself available to her if she needs you and she will remember that. Maybe suggest watching a movie, that way you are spending time together and not feeling like you are bugging her.

Just letting her know you’re there is the most important thing. It’s only a few days per month of what seems like insanity, but they are a hard few days, so be patient. Somewhere down the road you’re going to have a rough day or week, and you’ll be the one needing her.

*Names were changed for anonymity

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