The Woes of the Little Brother: Guys with Older Sisters

Zucker_boyswithsistersThe birth order of siblings is very important. It contributes to who they are and how they act towards each other. In most families, the oldest child is the boss, the middle children complain about being in the middle, and the youngest observe everyone else because the rest of their siblings influence them.

Oh, and they become the new play toy. And if that youngest child is a boy and all his older siblings are girls and have already marked the house with their Barbie dolls and Britney Spears, that little boy doesn’t have much say in how he is growing up.

“I was tortured as a child,” says Tyler Fiedler, 18. “My sisters used me as a toy and played dress up with me. Skirts, tutus, man it was some dark years, “says Fiedler, who is the youngest behind his two older sisters Kelly, 26 and Jill, 23.

Tim Lasher, 20 had it rough as well. “I was put in a dress and make up and it haunted me to the beginning of high school,” says Lasher, who has four older sisters (Mary, 22, Miranda, 24, Ariel, 24, and Giselle 28). “Also I’ve seen all the Bring It On movies, all the Disney Princess movies, and all the dance movies for girls filled with shirtless guys,” says Lasher.

In the extreme cases of “the older sisters”, the little brothers go through torture as a child, but most of them seem to grow up to have a beautiful girlfriend strapped to the side of their arm. These boys may have suffered growing up in a house of hormones but in the end they turn out to be men with the complicated skill of “Lady Whispering.”

“He is an exceptional boyfriend. He is more sensitive when I’m crying. He doesn’t ask, ‘are you on your period?’ He is just comforting and understanding,” says Tim’s girlfriend, Anastasia Chrzanowski, 20, who can’t help but rant about her beau.

Both boys seem to notice that dealing with girls is a lot easier for them compared to boys who grew up with no sisters.

“I think I am more open and prepared for what women are and can be. I find myself knowing how to deal with situations better than some other guys,” says Fiedler. “Not to sound cocky or anything,” he laughed.

To many boys, the term “period” is just a way to punctuate the end of a sentence, but to boys with sisters they understand the real meaning behind the word.

Lasher says that “educationally and experience-wise, I do have knowledge about periods.”

When asked about putting the toilet seat down things got a little heated. “I do but I’ve always argued it! They should put the toilet seat up! But I do it because I was raised to be a nice guy,” says Lasher.

These boys know when to buy a girl flowers, they see past the games and sarcasm, and they know the secrets of surviving a relationship with us crazy chicks. Guys with older sisters are also known to be great romantics, spouses, dads, and listeners.

Boys, if you have an older sister, thank her for all the times she came home screaming about how every boy in the world is a jerk and for the advice she gave you over the years. In the end, you are better with girls because of it. Why? Because you are programmed to act a certain way to avoid a crazy girl yelling in your face, and any other boy would love to learn the code for that.

Photo by Ashley Zucker


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