Pink Hair, Don’t Care

SiruWen.coloredhairWashing it, drying it, styling it and looking at your same-old hair color in the mirror day after day. Our natural hair color is beautiful, of course, but sometimes a girl has to switch up her look and do something a bit daring. Well, what could be more daring than dying your hair pink?

Remember the feather fad? You can still go for the boho vibe and get a feather in your hair at Looks Hair Design downtown on East Calder Way. But, now the trend seems to be going straight for hair with bright, eye-catching colors. There are a few ways they’re being done:

The streak.

Spicing up your hair with a solo, bright streak of color can change your whole look and separate you from the crowd. It especially works well with blonde hair, but you brunettes are not out of luck. It’s recommended to bleach the strand of hair you plan on dying beforehand, and then apply the dye. Some Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye at Metro on College Ave. should do the trick. It’s not going to last forever, but those jars can hold a lot so you can always reapply it.

Hair chalk.

This is the least permanent way, so pick a weekend when you and your friends are bored and go get some hair chalk! It’s not a big commitment. A huge plus about hair chalk is that you can apply however much or little as you want, and however many colors you want. They almost always come in a pack of multiple, eye-popping colors, so feel free to go as wild as you want.

Full color.

All right, not sure how practical it is for a job interview, but we are still in college, right? More and more girls on campus are taking the plunge and dying their whole head one seriously crazy color, and the color of choice is predominantly pink. There’s really nothing else you can do with your appearance to make yourself stand out more, since you can spot pink hair from a mile away (or pretty far, at least).
Choose your coloring strategy of choice, and go at it. We all get a little bored of our appearance sometimes. Maybe you just need some color in your life (and hair).

Photo by Siru Wen

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