Pick of the Week: Remington 1 ½” Curling Wand

CI52W1_prd.ashxLooking to achieve Kardashian-like curls? Look no further than Remington’s 1 ½” curling wand.

This affordable barrel curler yields professional results. The thick 1 ½” wand gives hair a more natural look as opposed to tight ringlets. After use, hair appears full and voluptuous, yet relaxed. A hair styling tool that makes us look like we’re not trying so hard? Yes please!

With an adjustable temperature setting, curl-lovers can set the curler to their preferred temperature to avoid harmful heat damage. The setting also makes the curler universal – girls with either thick or thin hair can enjoy its magic.

The only downfall of this tool is that fingertips are subject to burns – ouch. But, the good news is the product comes with a styling glove – just don’t lose it!

Price: $22.09

Where to find it: Walmart

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