How It Started vs. How It’s Going: Zoom University

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What started merely as an internet joke, morphed into the hectic reality of students during the unprecedented times of COVID-19; Zoom University. 

The requirement for virtual instruction in order to follow guidelines and aid in stopping the spread of Coronavirus is entirely understood. As we as a human population are learning and growing together through these times, components of everyday life have been sacrificed and entirely altered to keep up with uncharted waters we’ve been swimming of COVID-19.

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Upon an administered Instagram poll, we asked Zoom University students, varying in school and age, how online learning has deflected, met or changed their expectations and ideas of schooling. 

Based on our polling results, 74% out of a 416 student subject pool had anticipated that remote courses would boost their GPA. In hopes that professors would ease up, pose more leniency and that course load would not mimic that of a graduate medical student, most students were unpleasantly surprised with the outcome of remote learning.

Photo posted by @studentproblems on Instagram

When asked if their expectation has been met, 57% of the subject pool responded that the reality of remote learning had not been what they thought it would be, varying greatly in expectation of simplicity and difficulty. 

This expectation break may have had something to do with the fact that 69% of our subject pool had reported they predominantly take their courses in bed.

As we initially entered lockdown last semester, there was an uncertain sense of excitement, that we could take our courses from the comfort of our own homes, but as the lockdown procedure cut in, 79% of our student subject pool reported that Zoom University and remote learning has completely sky rocketed their stress outlook on school.

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What we initially thought would be a bump in the road, or means of breezing by school assignments did a 180 in creating additional stress atop of that which already exists in students. 

We know pandemic times are still tough, so here are a few other pieces VALLEY uses to work through Zoom University in the best way possible.

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