PDA Commandments

kimberlybartner.ladylikepdaValentine’s Day anticipation (or horror) is in full swing in State College and no matter where you go on campus, you’re sure to see many couples playing Cupid’s game. We’ve all been a witness to (and maybe guilty of) tacky public displays of affection.

Let’s put an end to offensive PDA acts by offering our best advice. The key to tasteful public displays of affection is simplicity. Anything that lasts too long immediately becomes uncomfortable for others to watch.

These are your Five Commandments for PDA Etiquette.

1. Hold Hands

The best way to show warm feelings for your significant other in public is by holding hands – it’s sweet and makes others around you happy that they’re in the presence of love.

2. Hug

An embrace between lovebirds or even friends is never an eyesore. Hugs are a commonly used form of public affection because they can also convey camaraderie or a simple greeting.

3. Quick Kisses

There is nothing wrong with stealing a fleeting kiss from your significant other. When you do it too often or for too long, it looses any chance at being tasteful. Keep it simple. Oh, and absolutely, positively no tongue.

4. Never Grope

Contrary to popular male belief, groping is not a form of affection. It’s actually sexual harassment and it makes all by-standing witnesses queasy. Wandering hands should be reserved for behind closed doors. Publicly displaying it will make others feel like they’re intruding on something private, which is beyond uncomfortable.

5. The Golden Grandma Rule

This is Valley’s most valuable advice to you: don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see you doing.  This guideline is the culmination of all of our PDA etiquette rules and by following it you’ll never have to worry whether you’re being tasteful.

Photo by Kimberly Bartner


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