One Month In: Failed Resolutions

OrhanYilmaz.KeepingResolutionsAt the start of every new year, we make promises to ourselves that we will be better than we were last year. We love to tell ourselves that the new year is when we will start eating better, being nicer and exercising more.

Our resolutions tend to vary from finally achieving good health to just being happy. And while some people actually succeed in their resolutions, what about those of us who don’t?

Why is it so much easier to make promises to ourselves than it is to keep them?

We took to the streets of Penn State and asked a few students about their feelings on New Year’s resolutions.

Anand Ganjam, sophomore, says, “I can honestly say I’ve never made resolutions. The ‘resolution time’ doesn’t open up everyone’s schedule. There are many things that keep people from achieving their goals.”

Are we maybe reaching too high when we set goals? As college students, our schedules aren’t the most flexible. We plan around classes, clubs, work, friends and downtime. Should we be more careful and realistic in planning our resolutions?

Dutch Markward, a sophomore studying accounting, also finds New Year’s resolutions a little hard to buy into. “It’s not substantial. For example, at the gyms, many people have resolutions to try to make amends with their bodies and live a healthier lifestyle.”

Markward also says, “After two weeks, there is a significant drop in attendance at the gym. I have noticed this personally. In the first two weeks, there are 30 minute waits to use the weights…which may actually dissuade people from going to the gym.”

Markward brings up an interesting point. People who are looking to be healthier may become discouraged after going to a gym packed with people who are all looking for the same thing. Any sort of wait may be too long for those who are looking for an immediate transformation.

There are many lessons to be learned from this time of the year’s broken promises and disappointment. The next time you wonder why you couldn’t find enough motivation to carry out your New Year’s resolution, consider if you’re expecting too much of an immediate transformation and if you’re giving yourself a reasonable goal or timeframe.

Resolutions can’t be achieved overnight, and they won’t always fit perfectly into your schedule. It’s up to you to balance it out, and make it happen!

Photo by Orhan Yilmaz

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