Omigod, You Guys! Penn State Puts on “Legally Blonde”

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The Penn State musical theater department always puts on crowd pleasing shows, but as soon as this season’s line up was announced, “Legally Blonde” was met with special anticipation. The first show of Penn State Centre Stage’s 2018-2019 season, “Legally Blonde,” was performed from Oct. 2 to Oct. 11.

The musical is based off of the iconic movie that just about everyone has either seen or is familiar with. The only key difference is that this version is sprinkled with many energetic, dynamic songs and dances. Several of the songs featured the entirety of the large company, jumping, dancing and singing in unison.

The show opens with the girls of Delta Nu singing, “Omigod You Guys,” which set the perky and exuberant tone for the rest of the night. As the show went on, it brought all of the movie’s most memorable characters — even Bruiser and Rufus, played by adorable, theater-savvy dogs, made musical appearances.

The cast is led by senior Lauren Eschausse, who has all the charisma and intensity it takes to follow in Reese Witherspoon’s sparkly footsteps. From her entrance, Eschausse proved that she has the voice and acting chops to take on such an iconic character. Junior Jessica Ortiz charmed as Paulette, making the larger than life hairdresser seem even bigger. The ensemble stole the spotlight during every dance number, bursting with enthusiasm and animation.

For such a vibrant musical, it’s no surprise that the sets and costumes were bright and memorable. The set was made up of moving pieces that switched around to highlight the colorful personality of Elle Woods and the more refined side of her Harvard self. The costumes worn by cast members sharply contrasted the differences between Elle’s worlds of Malibu and Harvard Law.

Of course, the show remains true to the movie’s theme. Audience members left buzzing with excitement after seeing Elle Woods conquer Harvard in her own style.

The show was seen and enjoyed by young and old audience members. The seats were filled by a mix of students who came to see a beloved movie come to life, and senior citizens who are loyal Penn State theatergoers no matter what the show is.

Bummed you missed out on it? No worries. Check out the other amazing performances that Penn State has left this season. A dynamic opener like “Legally Blonde” promises plenty of exciting performances to come.


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