Legally Blonde Comes To Happy Valley

Legally Blonde posterHarvard’s favorite law student is coming to Happy Valley! Watch Elle Woods try to get her man back by going to Harvard Law School when Legally Blonde the Musical comes to The Stater Theater on February 8th and 9th. The State College Community Theater’s version of Legally Blonde is staying true to the movie, with a few additions.

“It has a very strong correlation between the plot lines,” says Katrina Diehm who will be playing Serena, one of Elle’s besties. “There are some small tweaks and differences and I think the musical has a lot more zest to it because there is no slowing down.”

Diehm, a freshman, theater major from Lebanon, PA, started her musical career as a little girl spending a lot of time at the theater her grandfather ran. Now, she will be taking center-stage along with Margo and an additional friend made just for the musical, Pilar.

“Serena, Margo and Pilar are kind of like the three stooges. We all just kind of hit it off and we are all very goofy,” says Diehm.

Stepping into the high heels of Elle is freshman, musical theater major Christina Kidd.

“I think Elle and I are somewhat alike because she doesn’t take no for an answer,” says Kidd. “When the boyfriend dumps her, she’s determined to win him back and she’s like that about law school too. Musical theater is a very difficult career to break into but I’m determined to make it work because it’s what I love.”

To prepare for this popular role, Kidd borrowed a textbook from a cast mate that’s in law school. She also started flipping through fashion magazines and painting her nails on a regular basis, everyday must-do’s for Elle Woods.

Kidd quickly became friends with the actresses playing her three best friends.

“My scenes with them just might be my favorite things about the show,” she says.

Tickets are now on sale at The State Theatre with a portion of the total sales going to THON. Go get your ticket and watch Elle transform from UCLA sorority girl to an accomplished Harvard Law School graduate.


Photos courtesy of Katrina Diehm and Christina Kidd


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