New Face of Louis Vuitton Menswear: Virgil Abloh

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As of late, the fashion industry has been curiously reinventive — especially with luxury brands that have been around for generations. With the use of fresh, young minds, many labels are able to transform their brand toward a more contemporary era of couture.

Founder of the brand Off-White, Virgil Abloh, is one of those fresh young minds looking to bring a new edge to the classic brand Louis Vuitton.

This concept surprised most fashion insiders because they wondered what this would mean for Louis Vuitton’s branding that has encapsulated the past 164 years of their business.

Starting off as a practical brand, creating trunks that were versatile and durable for transport, the luxury fashion house has grown into a lavish, high-end label that can be seen on the backs of numerous celebrity personalities, usually accompanied with a complementary leather handbag.

Other high-end fashion labels have made the decision to reinvent their brand in hopes of broadening their target customer base and expanding their vision. Gucci’s newest artistic director revamped the runway, and a new creative mind is set to take the head of Dior Homme.

When reviewing Abloh’s past work, the particular aesthetic that Louis Vuitton exudes is not necessarily the first thing that would pop into one’s mind. Many are extremely eager to see what this new recruitment brings to the direction of the luxury brand.

Some say it’s the spark of creativity that Louis Vuitton needs, according to Fast Company, as they anticipate future creations; others are left a bit skeptical in regards to what this means for good ol’ Louis.

“I feel like everyone has their eyes on Gucci and are trying to go the same direction, but some brands are so iconic in their upbringing that I feel that they should just strengthen what they’ve already got,” says Maxim Myers, Penn State student and avid consumer of Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton is known for its exorbitant prestige and Abloh is notable for his deconstructionism in his work. In his most recent collaboration with Nike, his style is showcased with each recreation of a staple sneaker silhouette.

In the past, Abloh has interned at Fendi with none other than fashion influencer and designer, Kanye West. The relationship between the two grew as Abloh became creative director of West’s creative agency, Donda, and helped with the development of monumental endeavors, like “Watch the Throne.”

His experience with curating his own fashion labels — Pyrex and Off-White — is proof that he is capable of strong branding and well-developed concepts. Abloh’s trademark when it comes to collaborating is modifying something just enough that it makes a statement.

With this initiative, consumers should feel more comfortable about the transformations to come if they aren’t at ease because of Abloh’s respect for fortified concepts and staying true to a brand.

This isn’t change for Louis Vuitton, it is simply growth.


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