Matt Brownlow


Matt Brownlow is a photographer and Fashion Section Editor for VALLEY Magazine. He is currently a Penn State Sophomore majoring in print and digital journalism. Matt is from Morgantown, Pa. and enjoys learning about people's stories and trying to reproduce their complexity through his writing.

The Art of Trying Something On


You won’t find a medium shirt from one brand that fits the same as another brand’s medium—that’s why trying clothes on is absolutely essential when selecting your next “piece.”

Rebranding of Corsets


Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham, Nicki Minaj; just a few of the pioneers behind the resurgence of corset belts in fashion. But these strappy accessories are coming back with a new twist.

Self-Branded and Established before 20


The fashion industry is constantly changing with an ebb and flow of inspiration. While that freshness comes from established designers, it is also fostered among the few who defy social odds and start their own fashion endeavors before they’ve even reached the age of 20.

The Queens of New York Fashion Week


This NYFW triple threat took on countless brands that range from haute couture to high-end streetwear. Consistent with their coutured appearances, each of these women walked multiple shows throughout the week, and each one of them have been described as “multi-hyphenates.”