The Art of Trying Something On

Fashion is something that changes by the minute, and sizing seems to be apart of that constant rework. You won’t find a medium shirt from one brand that fits the same as another brand’s medium—that’s why trying clothes on is absolutely essential when selecting your next “piece.”

Dress to Impress (Yourself)

Now, there is one thing you need to do in preparation before trying on anything: look your best. This seemingly insignificant step ends up being crucial when you step into that harsh dressing room lighting. Most likely, you aren’t trying something on that you would pair with sweatpants or an old t-shirt, and you’d probably have your hair done whenever you decide to sport this potential new look.


Once you’re all dolled up, take your time and walk all the way around any store and make sure to look at things you might not usually pick out for yourself. Maybe just start out with one piece that would normally be out of the ordinary for you—knock down all preconceptions you have of yourself and how clothes look and fit on you. The beauty in this is that the worst that could happen is you don’t like the piece.

Find Your Fit

Style is one thing, but finding the right fit is an entirely different story. The tricky thing is that there are multiple fits currently in style; fitted, oversized, distressed, flowy and boxy. With all these options readily available to you, try them all—experiment! There is never harm in simply trying something that you usually wouldn’t.

Play Around with Size

An article of clothing could fit way differently if you chose a different size, even if that size isn’t what you would usually wear. Where does the fabric hug, where does it hang? The fun thing about sizing is that a size up or down can completely alter a look simply due to the particular fit of it. It’s so easy to customize a certain look just by going up or down a size in one of the pieces.

Use Your Surroundings

Spend a decent amount of time with each new item of clothing on when you first begin to study yourself in the mirror. Dressing rooms don’t just have unique lighting and dope interior design for no reason. Take your best mirror selfie right as you put on the sickest outfit you picked out—this way, you now have a nice picture, which boosts your confidence in the clothes you might purchase.

The bottom line is that shopping is supposed to be enjoyable, so don’t take the fun out of trying on clothes by limiting your fashion horizons. Make time on your spree to try on at least three things you wouldn’t normally wear, and grab a few different sizes of each. You never know what you might discover.


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